Thursday, June 01, 2006

Drop the curtain -- Backtack III complete

After many annoying "exception" emails from UPS reporting on the yet undelivered status of my Backtack project for Ms. Knittale, it finally arrived unscathed.

YAY two times!

1. Knittale has Prissy Kitty
2. I can show you Prissy Kitty, the focus of my recent threadbound obsessions.

May I introduce to you, Prissy Kitty:

She is pointy, she is pretty, she is devilishly coy in her appearance. She is also wearing a suggestive little garter number that contrasts with her otherwise reserved appearance. To me, she has prissy written all over her, and I didn't know this until I put all the pieces together and added her eyes. Prissy! She screamed. And I complied.

And, being the Prissy Kitty she is, she demanded that I photograph her in all her newly constructed glory for all of the blog world to see:

Even Rocket approved of Prissy in a clandestine moment on the kitchen floor. It was touch and go for a moment though, when Rocket realized that Prissy was standing between her and her food bowl. Thankfully, she'd just eaten and Prissy was feeling brave.

So, there you have it. Black, toile and sparkly green were the order of the day and ran amok across Pointy Kitty and a needle roll. And who can help but stuff the box full of other fun things like yarn, tea and needles? Right, see. No one.

I'm already anxious for the next round. I mean, it's the anticipation that's half the fun, right? For dorks like me, yes. Will we make clothes? Or upholster a living room sofa? Sew uniforms for Burger King employees? It's a mystery.

Rocket votes for "Cat Beds for the Full Figured Kitty" since it has become clear that the cat bed I came home with is insufficient to house her significant girth. And so, it sits alone in the corner of our office, unused and a constant reminder that my cat may actually be a small sheepdog.

Something to think about.


  1. Love the Prissy photo montage! :)
    Perhaps Rocket needs a Kitty Pi?

  2. What a beautiful post - made me smile a lot!

  3. Love her. Too cute! And is that a wee garter belt I see?

  4. I *love* the kitty! Another successful backtack experience under your belt!


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