Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Me + Sewing Machine = Luv 4 Eva

Yeah, I had some serious make out time with the sewing machine this past weekend. With hubby gone playing with the boys, I flipped on the tunes, put on my sexiest outfit (read: ratty capris, faded tank top and flip flops), lit some candles (no, not really) and brought the sewing machine out from where it's been hiding since we finished our backtack project a few weeks ago.

To the sounds of Stevie Ray Vaughan, John Coltrane, the Allman Brothers and a few other mismatched artists, I managed to get all the pent up crafty out of my system as though my fingers were aflame.

I unraveled piles of gifted fabric (thank you Amy and KB!) all over the living room and set to work constructing not one, not two, not even three, BUT FIVE sewing projects that had been noisily milling around in my head for weeks. Torturing me with their intricacies, taunting me with their details, poking fun at me with their special adornments. THE AGONY!

Let me share with you the fruits of my weekend's labor:

First, and fruitiest: the so-called "Hostess Set" for my friend, Amy, who so kindly gifted me a giant sack of lovely stripes to go with the remainder of the toile from my backtack project. She is the ultimate hostess, and coincidentally uses toile, stripes (these, particularly) and similar decor in her house, so I made her a table linens set and matching apron as a wee thanks. Yes I tried on the apron. Yes I thought about keeping it for myself. What of it?

Second project to burst forth from the machine successfully constructed -- Purseket! Is that what it's called? I'll call it a purse organizer. Or, better yet, The Bottomless Pit of Doom Where Chapsticks Go To Die Organizer. The fact that I can reach into my Big Girl Bag (I recently promoted myself from tiny teen sized pocketbooks to this monstrosity) and pull my Chapstick right out is nothing short of a miracle.

So, where are the other three fruits of my labor? Why secretly hiding behind a shroud of secrecy until they are unveiled at a Baby Shower Not To Be Named, of course. I will tell you this - I had just enough fabric left from the first part of the project to finish the final accessories, the zipper came out SQUWEET and I didn't fuck it up at all. Love it long time.

After all the crafting was done, I felt I needed to shift my focus away from all things domestic and take in a little baseball. So as not to fully awaken my inner June Cleaver, hubby and I set out for Oakland to watch, what we expected to be, a virtual massacre of his beloved Royals.

Hold your hotdogs, folks! They totally won! Oh, nuh-huh. Color us surprised.

And it was the second week in a row that hubby and I made it out for a midweek date. Glory be! Miracles do happen. We also noticed that this was the second date night in a row that we dined on beer and hotdogs. This is a marriage made in meat heaven.


  1. GO ROYALS!!!!!
    Someone has to be a fan.
    And that someone is ME!!!!

  2. Look at you go with your bad sewing self. That hostess set is AWESOME! Remind me of that next time I have a wedding shower to go to. What girl wouldn't want that?


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