Monday, May 22, 2006


Mmhhmm, so yeah, I did it all. I am SUPERWOMAN of the checklist, my friends. I need a cape. Someone get me a cape!

#1: Check! There was sun. It was warm. Rain did not fall on the glorious meats.

Please note the similarity between this photo from Saturday, and the hoped for photo from last summer.

Nicely done, blogging friends.

#2: Check! Sewing project, which actually changed form once I got all the bits to the work table, turned out great -- and is going to get tucked in with the softie for my Backtack buddy. Just a little hintee -- I'll post a bigger photo of the whole shabang after I ship it off. Look similar to the hintee I posted of the softie? That is because the extra sewing project matches the softie, of course. Coordinating? Yes, please.

#3: Ok, this is not an official "Check!". But I did scour the shelves in search of the organic fertilizer of choice AND spend some time on the ol' knees carefully digging it in around the base of all my plants. Against better judgement, I also fertilized Pumpkinzilla. May he have mercy on us all.

#4: Ok, we didn't have any doubt about this one. I had many glasses of wine. And a beer (very rare). And I might have had a cocktail at some point. All the better to accompany the sunshine and delicious bbq, I say.

Curious about the Meats themselves? I would be. Well, I have some special footage starring The Meats that I hope to air this week right here on FinnyKnits, aka MeaTV.

So, pencils down. How'd we do? 100% thankyouverymuch. In fact, for the added activities AND THE NAP I managed to take yesterday (miracle) I'll take an A+.

On top of everything else from my Mental Mind List, I also managed to get a batch of brownies (not the funny kind) out of the oven, have dinner with some friends AND plan two separate trips with them for the summer. Our out-of-doors adventures are soon to recommence. There will be backpacking. There will be fishing. There will be camping and misadventures of the funny NorCal kind. And there will be many amusing photos of hubby and I as we traipse around this fair land in search of a cool place to sit, or camp, as it were.


  1. I'm bowing to your domestic prowess. I"m seriously impressed!

  2. mmm....MeatTV... :)
    Glad the event went off without a hitch! And look, it's sunny today too!


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