Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Hintee Hintee

Me: Dude, it's almost June

Me: Dude, no it is not. It's barely May.

Me: Dude, at least cut out the fabric for your Backtack project

Me: Ok -- fine. I'll do it right now. Then will you shuddup?

Me: If you're lucky.

25 minutes later...

Me: Dude, Internet's down.

Me: Don't lie.

Me: No, really. I called SBC and everything. They said it's us.

Me: Oh, now I believe you. It's never us but they ALWAYS say it's us. Asses.

Me: Agreed.

Me: So, now what? We can't cut out fabric if we don't have the pattern.

Me: Ugh. I know.

Me: Ok, just take some pictures of the stuff and we'll put up a hintee post on the blog. That'll do till we can print out the pattern at work.

Me: Ok, but I haven't gotten the 20% color yet.

Me: You are so high maintenance.

Me: I know. But I want it to RULE!

Me: You are also a spaz. Just put up the post. It's going to be sqweet.

Me: K -- after that, can we paint?

Me: Fine bitch but quit bugging me.

*Finger flip*



  1. You're so funny...

    From experience, I know that whomever is your back-tack recipient will consider themselves LUCKY!

  2. Dude. I haven't cut a thing for backtack. I am going to pack it and do it in my hotel. (At least the embroidery part.)

  3. Pretty buttons and toile! I'm already considering myself lucky. :)


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