Friday, October 14, 2005

Promised Pumpkins

I was inspired to post some photos of my pumpkin harvest after reading AfricanKelli's blog this morning. Fairly good crop of Spooktacular pumpkins this year, and even a few big guys. Although, one went to the neighbor and the other one was eaten by the devil. (See previous posts). Also, a few pumpkins from a harvest festival I went to last weekend. Very Cindarella like.

Happy Fall/Halloween, folks.


  1. Those are from YOUR yard? My goodness. They are so pretty. Color me impressed, yet again.

  2. Ah, no. Only the top photo of the pumpkins in the basket actually represent fruits from my garden. The other two photos are of pumpkins from a nearby garden. However, I'm hoping to grow similar pumpkins next season. Stay tuned...


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