Sunday, October 09, 2005

Let the broccoli begin...

Even with a thumping hangover I was determined to pull the summer vegetable garden and get the winter garden in the ground, irrigated and prepared for frost.

The summer veggies took it pretty well. They gave up a few final surprises in the process:

Overall, the pulling went well and we have a giant mound of debris to compost. Then, after turning some organic fertilizer into the soil and giving it a good watering, we installed a few new sprinkler heads, spread some seed, labeled the areas and created the Anti Freeze Space Station, which my husband is referring to as Moffit Gardens. Take a look at this handy invention which simultaneously deters evil squirrels, hungry birds and, once unveiled, becomes the Anti Freeze Dome capable of protecting all manner of vegetation from the deadly frost...


Oh the efficiency of it all. Next step, close the ends and install hinging wire doors on the top to allow for easy picking of delicious winter greens.

Now let us all thank the gardening gods, goddesses, nymphs, fairies, moon maidens or whatever else so that we may have a respectable harvest this winter and so that my neighbors don't laugh in my face. They've already given us the wild eye at the sight of our mini-Area 51, so we can't give them too many more reasons to think we're insane.

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  1. I can't wait to see this little house one day. Your garden alone has me intrigued.
    Have I told you let this week how impressed I am with the fruits of your labor?


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