Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Finally, a good book

With the recent creation of our book club, I've been really looking forward to coming across a good book. The first two were bad and ok, respectively, and I'd been doubling up on my book club reading with personal reading so that I could at least be reading one thing that I knew I'd like. But then, even the books I "knew" I'd like have been a little bit of a drag.

However, finally, a good book crossed my path. I'm sure it's no mystery to you that "The Kite Runner" is excellent -- seeing as it's in every bookstore window, all over Amazon and what not. But, honestly, I was skeptical because of the setting of the book (Afghanistan)and the propensity of publishers to release books because of their relation to current events and not necessarily the quality of their content. This is certainly not the case here, as the story of the book is riveting and the writing style is rich and engaging.

I finished this book in four sittings, one of which being a bout with insomnia, and was sad to see it end. His next book is coming out mid-2006 and I can't wait. Good, good read.

Lookie at that, I wrote a little book report. And unprompted at that. Wouldn't my third grade teacher be proud.


  1. My favorite book this year hands down. So, so good.
    And didn't it make you want to throw up at one point, and cry at another? It was an emotional read for me.

  2. Yes, there were a few parts that made me queasy, a few parts that made me laugh, lots that made me smile and plenty that made me tear up. Just good, good and good.


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