Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Holy Crap

So, let us harken back to the days (ok, it was only August) when I blamed AfricanKelli for getting me involved in BackTack, blogging and just generally trying new things. What I'd like to do now is change "blame" to "thank", since I'm just a little overwhelmed with the goodwill and fuzzy friendship resulting from all of the above.

I mean, first of all, she got me to save my sewing machine from the dusty depths of the garage -- something to be thankful for in itself. Since the time she talked me into this project I've saved the aforementioned sewing machine, set up a dedicated space in the house for all my crafting supplies, started and maintained a blog, documented the progress of my garden and crafting projects on said blog, met a few new crafty folks through Backtack, muscled my way through a way-over-my-head chicken purse pattern, learned about Blackwork embroidery, received an incredibly lovely and generous backtack bag and, probably most importantly, created a new bond with my dear friend, AfricanKelli.

So there, I got all warm and fuzzy on your asses. But you know what, I'm weird like that. Plus, I'm a little cracked out on cold medicine right now and can't help it.

The only sad thing in all this is that the battery for my digital cam needs recharging before I can post pictures of the amazing Backtack bag I received today from Splityarn. Ugh, damn it. But wait till you see it -- it is pretty friggen cool. I am so using this bad boy for my laptop now. No more stuffy Timbuktu bag for me. I'll post pictures soon. Charge camera! Charge!


  1. YAY! I love Jess from Splityarn. She is so crafty. I can't wait to see what she sent you.
    And right back at ya on the warm and fussies. :)
    Love you Finny,

  2. Jess! You have to post your backtack surprise. You are killing me in suspense.


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