Thursday, August 22, 2013

Dude, I've changed. Sort of.

I should be packing right now - and I will - but first I wanted to appropriately SCREAM WITH EXCITEMENT THAT two things:

1. It's time again for the Annual Finny & Donk Adventure which means that cocktails/vacation/old time friend catching up/cocktails are close at hand.

2. I'm going back to Montana and this time I will see Dig.

DUDES, I'm stoked.

And if there happens to be river swimming, good food eating and mountain hiking, well then I'll be the stokedest (new word alert) person in all the land.

Though I'm not sure how or if those things are going to happen because HOLD ON TO YOUR FUCKING HATS, PEOPLE - I haven't planned shit.


Girlfriend here who usually plans all trips down to the mode and speed of transportation between each event/site/restaurant/mysterious hot spring in the middle of the woods hasn't planned a fucking thing beyond the flight to the place and the hotel at the place.

Granted, it's a 4 day trip and most people who are not insane will usually just go, "Yeah, well, it's two days, what's to plan?", but I'm not those people and I'm certainly insane plus also really anal retentive and control freaky, so you'd think - HELL, I'd think - that I'd have my packing spreadsheet filled out and a daily itinerary for our trip in digital and physical form so that I could guarantee fun filled days, but alas...I've changed.

I don't do this anymore.

At least for short trips, anyway, I don't plan what I'm packing or what I'm doing at every minute.

Now, to be fair, the other short trips for which I did not plan were actually planned *for* me, so there wasn't anything for me to do but show up and not be a pain in the ass (very difficult, requires effort), so this will likely be the first trip of its kind where I didn't plan activities or packing lists or make restaurant reservations or spa bookings so that we could both get our nails done at the same time followed by massages and meeting up in the lounge room to compare notes on our massages and OH how I hope that the Donk has patience with my new vacationing ways.

The good news is that, despite my lack of planning, my priorities are the same. So, you know, there will be cocktails at any and all hours, good food to eat, endless chatter and lots of inappropriate jokes and many swears.

Beyond that - who the fuck knows? Moreover, who the fuck cares?

So, you know, I haven't really changed that much.

See you in a few days with stories of a trip that hopefully didn't fall apart due to my lack of ridiculously A/R planning.


  1. Have a great time Finny! And try to behave yourself -- at least a teeny tiny bit!

    1. I WILL NOT!

      Ok, maybe a teeny bit. I mean, I don't want to end up in some Montana lock up or anything.

  2. No spreadsheets? I'm proud of you, Finn. Way to be chill.

    As always, I'm very jealous and wish you many G&Ts and tight jeans by the end (all that food and alcohol, ya know.)

    1. No spreadsheets this time. I might be becoming chill-ish in my old age. Not chill, per se, but definitely less psycho than I used to be.

      I'll have a G&T or three for you, Kris. And maybe one of these days, you and I can share a bev in person. You know, when you finally convince me to come help you with the Tomato Crazy or something. Too bad I'm no help with kiddos, otherwise I'd be out there already. At least to cuddle the dogs and wrestle your tomato plants to the ground.

  3. We have one shared google doc, but nothing like previous years. I see a lot of cocktails and hanging out in our near future. And frankly, I cannot wait.

    1. CAN.NOT.WAIT. See you in 5 hours. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!


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