Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I'm That Guy again

Remember when I used to run races?

Yeah, me too.

Remember when I used to bitch about people who ran races with their friends while jabbering about nothing while they gasped for breath between pointless chatter and annoyed the ever loving fuck out of me?

Any guesses as to what I did last weekend?

If you guessed, "Ran a race with a friend while talking incessantly and probably annoying the ever loving fuck out of other people." you'd be right. And also, a little judgey, don't you think?

It's OK, I was judging myself. For being a hypocrite and also for being a damned observant genius because I will tell you that's the easiest 6.2 miles I've ever run. 

You see, friends, these chatty fuckers are really on to something. I mean, yes, the race course was flat and the weather was oh so accommodating (overcast and 54 degrees? YES PLEASE.) and I wasn't going for a PR of any kind to the point where I didn't even wear my Garmin and my friend is of the conversationalist type, so I'm still considering this a unique scenario for me, but WOW. 

Easiest 10K in my history of running 10Ks.

Also, there was this at one point in the race

Yep. That's Brian Wilson.
From  http://www.facebook.com/giantrace/photos

And the race ended at AT&T Park - on the field.

So, you know, I got to fulfill one of my life's dreams - to run onto the field at my favorite team's park without being arrested or forcibly removed.

"The Field" was a plastic barrier over the actual field so we didn't completely eff the place up.

Though I don't have any proof that I actually ran on the field because, unlike almost every single other person there, I did not have my phone around for photo taking and they didn't get my finish line photo.

Which, lame.

I will say that this race, The Giant Race, was one of the best managed races I've ever run. Especially given that there were, like, 10,000+ runners and the streets of San Francisco to contend with, but as it turns out, the race photography sort of left a little to be desired. 

I mean, I slapped Lou Seal's hand (flipper?) when crossing the finish line! That's photo worthy! But no, instead there are a bunch of photos of me being bloated and my mouth being contorted into not flattering angles because of my extreme chatting.

So the one up there is the closest I got to me+Lou Seal+finish line. At least I'm smiling instead of blabbing. 

I have learned my lesson about that anyway.

And also about wearing orange tops. See, I love orange. It's my color in the sense that it's my favorite and I'm drawn to it. However, it does not make for the most flattering photos, so I will probably go back to black tops until such time as I have the six pack that I imagine myself having as I fold my top up under my sports bra and go rocketing down the hill like a wild animal.

I really do imagine that I have abs the whole way and that having my shirt tucked up into Fort Knockers is the most natural thing in the world. Until such time as I hear other people on the trail and I rip that thing down as fast as you can say, "bowl full of jelly".

Ah, delightful.

Anyway, I ran a race on the road while talking endlessly to my friend and it was so enjoyable that I'll probably do it again in my pursuit of becoming 100% that guy that I totally hate.

I'm so contradictory sometimes.


  1. I haven't run in so long it's embarrassing. And I'm actually sad to not have signed up for the Harvest Run 5K which was glorious last year. But.. maybe I will. And get a whole 3 days of training in.

    1. Eh, do it. You won't regret doing it, even if you don't, like, win or whatever, but you'll be sad if you don't.

      Just don't fall down.

  2. I am SO jealous. It's a little known fact that I am madly in love with Lou Seal. Plus being on the field at AT&T Park -- so cool!

    1. Well, he is so exotic! How can one NOT love him? Though, I will admit, I'm more in Nell's boat - what with the interest in the ball players ;)

      It was SO cool to be on the field at the park. I just wish I'd had my camera so I could have taken photos looking UP into the stands. Way cool.

  3. I'm very jealous. Although, I might have gotten in trouble for jumping on Brian Wilson and humping him.

    1. I think he was putting himself at great risk personally. A lot of women (and men) were giving him the sexy stares. Me though? I'm more of a Buster Posey type.


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