Wednesday, September 01, 2010

OYW : Sew Along 2010 : September/October

Hey Donk,

Thanks for the birthday spoiling, my friend, you know it's what I like. Well, what I really like about my birthday is being able to proclaim, "That's not birthday talk!" about anything I feel like especially when that anything is that cocktail time shouldn't start before noon.

Um, during my birthday, cocktail time starts when I damn well say it does. Which is to say, before noon if I so please.

Anyway, I really wasn't that much of a birthday brat this year because I was perfectly happy (and steeped in cocktail time) in the backcountry of Yosemite with my Bubba where, while I did receive some fantastic gifts, I did not roll around in yarn or any other of the gruesomely tempting things you suggested. Rowr.

Enough birthday talk though - what about sewing talk? Yes, let's do that.

So, firstly, congrats to Sourkraut who keeps creating these incredible projects and WOO this month's sexy Not Ugly Car Trash bag which I love a special lot and not only because of the fact that she made an honest woman out of my very own pattern, but because HELLO CUPCAKES.

I like cupcakes.

And rhubarb pie. Which, sadly, was not part of my birthday celebration, but that's a seasonal issue and no matter how hard I birthday wish for it, I can't get my end of summer birthday to align with the early spring seasonality of rhubarb.

Boo. Birthday Wish Fail.

OH - and, not to get too far off the Not Ugly Car Trash Bag topic - I made a few more of my own. Because, as it turns out, I like my own patterns and HEY actually use these things and the first one I made is fading fast in my car.

FYI folks, if you don't have tinted windows, cotton fabric fades in sunlight. Der. I know, you already knew this.

These bags are a bit more man-ish than my previous versions, but that's because I have received requests from man-ish people (Bubba) and they aren't fans of floral patterns. Freaks.

So, for next months' projects...

I proclaim this month's destashing sewing projects to be the Hands-free Belt Bag 

and/or the Flouncy Bag.

Plus, you could also make the Pumpkin Gingerbread, if you're ready to usher in fall and begin again to bake.

Me? No. I'm just getting warmed up for summer in the literal sense because it has only just hit 90 on the thermometer and I intend to suck up whatever heat and sunshine avails itself before I dive back into winter and begin coating my body in Gore Tex and fleece and, EW GASP, socks.

I prefer flip-flops, don't you know.

Anyway, that's just me and let's just all be glad not everyone's like me, yes?

So, meet back here just after (I apologize in advance) Halloween (I am sorry and I hate myself for saying that word) with your project's photos in the pool and we'll ananounce the winner, the last two projects for 2010 and then we'll lose our minds about OH MY GOD where did this effing year go?

Yes, I am predicting my horror already. That's how good I am.

Happy sewing, friends.


  1. Whee! If I'd known you guys were into cupcakes that much I would have sent you a few as a bribe to ensure my victory. The fabric's almost too cutesy for me but my love for cupcakes won out and I'm happy with my new trash bag. Which will, apparently, fade horribly in the sun so this will all have been a wasted effort. Great.

    I'll try to squeeze in a flouncy bag soon but I can't promise that I won't wait until the last minute like I did with July/August's sew along.

  2. I almost bought the new Amy Butler bag book today. But I could hear your voice, "OMG WE DON'T NEED ANY MORE BAGS." Except for maybe these two keepers. :)


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