Monday, March 01, 2010

OYW : Sew Along 2010 : March

Oh, Donk - this was a hard month to choose a winner. Those are some hot bags, people! Really, now.

Personally, I'm still trying to decide whether to keep or gift my Folklore Bag. I mean, what if it's part of my First Day of Spring outfit that I insist on wearing to call more attention to my incredible dorkiness?


We'll see. Anyway. Let's slowly look away from my dorkiness...

So, I see that we're celebrating St. Patrick's Day/Drink Your Face Off Even If You're Not Irish by making Irish Soda bread, and I like this concept. Because, while most everyone I know looks forward to St. Patrick's Day for the free pass on getting blazing drunk, I tend to ignore it almost completely.

I'm not Irish. I don't tend to drink a ton of beer. Getting blazing drunk usually means I get a big bastard migraine and have to take to the floor with my Imitrex.

But bread? I can do bread. And I can also do Guiness - but, like the TV tells me - only in moderation. Which means I get one beer, after I eat a lot. In this case, maybe I'll eat a lot of this bread?

Whatever - good call on the bread.

But, for those of you who take St. Patrick's Day a little too seriously (or if you have been snowboarding a lot lately) and need something to soothe your drinking (riding) muscles - this month's fabric de-stasher project is the Obi-inspired Hot & Cold Pack.

And if you didn't get the fridge de-stasher recipe, it's Kelli's version of Irish Soda Bread.

I will now begin looking forward to an apres-ski session with my Obi-pack, a Guiness and, you know, half a loaf of soda bread. Because I'm a class broad like that.

And if I happen to wrap the Obi-pack around my right knee, well, then that's what happens when you ride all day and twist yourself up in a knot to avoid trees. Also, is it possible to pull an oblique muscle? I think I pulled my right oblique. Which means I must have abs in there! Who knew? Also, yeowch. Maybe I'll wear my Obi-pack around my waist after all.

Don't forget to post your finished projects and recipes to the pool by 3/31 so that we can judge you while we're under the influence of carbs, exhaustion and alcohol.

Cheers all,


  1. Ooh, the bat bag is mine! Thank you!! I feel especially honored given the stiff competition. What shall I do to celebrate? Can I commission a three-layer cake to be made extolling my virtues? Actually I just like the idea of eating a three-layer cake all by myself. I don't really need an occasion or an excuse.

    Glad this month's recipe is something that doesn't contain vegetables as my husband has an irrational fear of anything healthy. I've been on the lookout for a good Irish Soda Bread recipe so I will certainly be giving this one a try.

  2. I think I'll be going for the soda bread too ... because, hey, why would I want to participate in a sew along and actually SEW any of the selected projects ;-) No, not me!

    Seriously, I am setting myself a single sewing goal for the month of March (did you know it is National Craft Month?) and that is to design and sew a prototype that I will submit for the second edition of One Yard Wonders. More details once I've actually created and submitted the prototype ... but I want to dedicate my sew-ey fingers totally to that this month.

    That, and I also need to recover from the crafting in-SAN-ity that was February - aka "Loco en la Cabeza February" in my household ... because I got completely carried away:

    So One Yard Wonders II prototype + soda bread it is. Game on.

  3. Congrats bat-bag!!! :) I'm pumped to make the hot&cold pack - I made a differet sort of hot/cold pack for my sister for Christmas and wanted one for myself. Now I have an excuse! Coooooool!

  4. can't wait to work up one of these obis. Maybe before I come to see you in a couple weeks.


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