Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Running update: About that sub-60 10K PR, then...

With all my blathering about food lately (and, Hi - did you come here hoping NOT to see any more photos of Brussels sprouts because, I know) I feel obligated to tell you all that I'm still running.

Unlike previous years though, I'm not starting this year with any big mentally captured goals of setting a new half marathon PR or running multiple half marathons or, really, anything with the words half or marathon in it.

That is correct, friends, I *may* not run a half marathon this year. Like, maybe not even ONE.

Maybe. It's only January after all. And you know how I get when people start goading me about things and the Active sends me perfectly timed emails or I feel like a fatty or I haven't scratched the New PR itch in a while.

But, the moral of the story here is that I am, indeed, still running and doing so naked - without my Garmin or Camelbak or Luna Moons or other running sidekick accoutresmant.

Though, to come perfectly clean, I will say that I have signed up for my first 2010 race. And, truthfully, I've set my first 2010 running goal: to run an *official* sub-60 10K.

Now, yes, according to my own clock, I did run a sub-60 10K when I ran this race last year BUT the official race timers (who I'm not trusting because they were dressed in shiny mermaid costumes complete with seashell bras when it was 40 degrees outside so it's possible that their mental capacities were compromised) said I ran it in 1:01:37 which is bullshit because OH WAIT the course was .2 miles longer than it was supposed to be. And then there was some math involved that proved that if the course was its normal length (6.2M), I would have finished with a sub-60 time BUT WHATEVER.

Remember - I'm over it.

And, anyway, it gives me a nice goal to work on this year. Though, to be perfectly honest again (I'm all about honesty today - what WILL I say next?) I'm hoping to nail this one down at the 2010 Mermaid so that I can go on to lounge my way through the remainder of the year replete with self-satisfaction.

Or perhaps work on another PR. Or actually do that trail running thing I was all whimsical about as I was getting ready to drag my dehydrated carcass through last October's Rock N Roll San Jose.

Who really knows!

That's kinda fun, right? The whole Not Having a Very Specific Plan for Running thing. Right? Like, I'm not going to drive my whole 2010 into the ground without having a hard solid plan for it in January, right? RIGHT?

Sorry, I get afraid that I'm going to fall victim to my own lazy tendencies and find myself at the end of the year looking back over twelve months of What The Fuck Was That with nothing to show for myself.

But, if I, at least, manage to eek out a sub-60 PR I can feel like something was accomplished and I'm not just running the neighborhood to peep on my neighbors and scope out new front porch designs.

Not that that's what I do now. No, no. We're not being *that* honest today.


  1. Um, isn't that the point to running or walking? To spy on neighbors. I'm not even fronting- that's totally what I do it for. :) PLUS, I have to bring a camera next time because there is a house like 9 blocks from me with the porch of my dreams. Yes, I will have it. Do you think they'll mind I take photos of their porch? From every angle? Would that be weird?

  2. I think it's a great goal and achievable. Especially if the course is mapped correctly.

    I took a run yesterday (and I don't know why because my knee was tender and I'm fighting some kind of bug), but anyway, I am not one to think rationally. It was a terrible run. My pace was off by more than 30 seconds per mile. Maybe even closer to 45 seconds, but I refuse to think about it again. I'll just blow it off as an incredibly bad and embarrassing (Main Street again) run. We all have them. Right???

  3. You will not fall off the edge of the world if you opt not to participate in a half-marathon this year. Do what makes your heart, mind, and body happy.

    It's interesting that you said you're running without your sidekicks. I just posted (a few minutes ago) about my own new techie fitness tools. I've been so stoked by your GPS watch and so on and finally got my butt in gear to get tools that work for me.

  4. Finny, I've lost my mind and let my sister convince me to participate in a half marathon with her. We're going to be walking, but still! Do you know when I last did a 5k? Like 10 years ago.

    We're signed up for the R&R Half in Seattle. I'm just praying I don't die (or get pulled from the course).


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