Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Adopt a Crop update: Accidentally secretive.

I've been having a million personal meltdowns about the garden, so I surprised myself when I realized that I hadn't posted anything about the Adopted Crop or otherwise since 3/25. 

Shit. What's my problem?

I mean, I didn't even show you any of the 50 photos I've taken of my super master indoor-growing lemon cucumber and then share with you the legend of how I haven't just forgotten it outside during ANY of its 3 day trips out there into the big bad world.

That bitch nearly left me out here to die. Thankfully,  I scream loud.

And then I haven't even told you about the farewell to the fava beans where I pulled them out, picked off a few beans (should have dispatched them last weekend - whoopsy) and turned them under into the very nice looking soil.

WTF? How can I be keeping these secrets from you?

As it turns out, I was barely sad to lose the favas.

I didn't even say anything when I spotted my first beans coming up at the base of the Bubba-built tepee or the very first (and only, so far) corn seedling or even the sprouting and thinning of the lettuce that's looking perfect in the future shade of the bean tepee.

Nope, not a word. Douchebag.

Something's already been dining on my corn and it wasn't me. WRONG.

At 3 seeds per pole, I have almost a 100% germination rate. That's a lot of beans.

I'll be thinning the lettuce again since I guess rain=more seedlings.
For the record, I'm fine with this.


But what's most inexcusable is the fact that I am watching the Adopted lemon cucumbers go fucking bonkers out there and haven't even made a peep about it. Well, that bullshit ends now.




Yeah, I'm not sure if it's the extra rain we're getting or the warm weather we had last week or my magical sorceressness, but the cucumber seeds are germinating at an impressive rate. And, miraculously, don't seem to be getting chewed by whatever it is that's over there busting up my corn and for this I am mighty grateful. Not that I want busted up corn, but you know, last year with the cukes was a little heart-breaking.

Did you also know that my cherry and lemon trees are putting out fruit? No, no you don't because I haven't told you squat and for that I'm sorry.

To make amends, I will show you pictures. Forgive me.

I must have hit the lemons with food at JUST the right time because this little dwarf tree has about 100 blossoms on it. True story.

Neighbor, the tree, is acting like it's going to make enough cherries for a pie. We shall see.

Now, I'm not going to get all excited about strawberries yet, even though I saw some blossoms on there, because typically the snails find them long before I do, but let's imagine that there are little fruits on there and I'm giving you the heads up right here. 

That way when I forget later, you'll be less sad.

And I think that about sums up all the garden updates that have gone un-updated since 3/25 because I'm rude.

The whole garden is now in and looking grow-y and since it's raining I'm thinking that they'll be extra happy when I go out there every five minutes to check on them. 

It's garden season and my Crazy is on High.


  1. I'm so glad you're so far ahead of me in the garden, because it gives me something to do other than go out and check on my own tiny, miniscule, barely there and now covered with SNOW lettuce seedlings.

    I also made the mistake of re-reading "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle," which did nothing to stop my impatience for everything to GROW ALREADY--ENOUGH WITH THE SNOW.


    In the meantime, I will be jealous about your big plants and imagine that my plants will look just like that, only three months later.

  2. I want to come eat out of the garden in about three months. Should we set a date?
    I LOVE the photos of the cherry tree. Being a Phoenician, I have never seen on in action before.

  3. I have actual herbs in my kitchen window sill. And four tomato plants there too, cause, well, if I move any of them I will forget they exist and not water them and then they won't exist.
    I bought some seeds from work and a little baby hothouse to start them in. I can't find a place for my hothouse. Even though it is a cute little one, there is no room on my kitchen window sill so I won't forget those too. We'll just have to wait til Sunday when I am off an extra day from work and see if I can actually figure this out for myself.
    Way to go in the garden! YAY for growing season again! (For you, for me it's just try growing season...wish me luck!)

  4. The munchers could be slugs. If so, I recommend putting out a small (disposable!) container with beer in it. Slugs love beer, and will crawl all over each other in order to drown in it. Note: In my experience, they prefer stronger smelling imported beer over an el-cheapo Bud. If you know someone who makes home-brew, and has a batch that didn't turn out right, that'll probably work too. (And seem less like a waste.)

    Note: The reason I suggest using a disposable container is that, once you have dealt sufficiently many death-blows, the container will be *nasty*, and you will want to place said nasty thing in the trash (preferably without touching it), rather than reuse it. (Before you decide you've killed enough slugs, use a stick to simply tip out the dead ones to compost right there, then add more beer. You only need to replenish the beer if the container is completely full of dead slugs, or rain has diluted the beer too much.)

  5. Way to put your foot down, Finn.

    Also, we may be cruising into trouble if you put good micro brew into the snail traps. You may have to dump me out to compost right there as well.

    Whaddya mean that'd be OK with you?

    -- Bubba


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