Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Buona sera

Ok, so I thought I'd post more than I have, since I was off to such a promising start, but it appears that Rome has been too hard to tear myself away from for time on the computer. Big shocker.

However, I will be home (too) soon and promise to post on the laundry list of topics piling up in my head; anarchy in Naples, dog issues, the King of Random, rooftop gardening (oh yes, dont think I put my gardening gloves down just because Im out of the country), island living, a truckload of Nutella, testing the limits of my stomach capacity, the miracle of Italian white wine and a hodgepod of other things that come up when living life blind from caffeine. Oh, and there's a video of a real life miracle to behold.

For now, I'm off to spend my last evening with an apperitivo (my favorite new pastime) at a lovely post and dinner at Ristorane Spirito DiVino down the street.

I'll check back with you when I get back to the US, so full of prosciutto that I will probably get stopped at customs.



  1. Oooh, I hope you are soaking up every second of it and simply loving it. :) I can't wait to hear all the details!

  2. I don't blame you for blowing off the blogging.

  3. I have just milked Pavelcow and I 've to tell you his milk provides the most delcious "mozzarella di bufala" in the world......... The next time you'll be here, Lady Jessy, you have to try it
    Bye Ale

  4. Oops folks, the non sequitur above is my bad... trying to help Ale out with his first ever blog comment ;-). He kept spelling it "glob" because I guess I pronounce b and g the same in Italian (or maybe I am still tipsy from your visit too!) ;-)-- anyways, all worked out now and properly placed on the next post... ciao!


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