Tuesday, October 03, 2006


See, I knew a miracle would happen and I'd be able to close the suitcase.

Miracle = Rocket woke up from her nap IN the suitcase long enough to stand ON TOP of the suitcase so I could zip it shut. Ah, will wonders never cease.

So, with the suitcase closed, I can divert my attention to other preparation activities. Namely, properly stuffing my travel bag with enough in-flight activities to keep me from assaulting my neighbor or running amok in the airport.

I thought I'd taken care of this by stocking up on books, TV shows and podcasts on the iPod, and Ambien (oh no, I am not above dosing myself on long flights) - but then I realized NO PROJECTS.

Crazy me, in my haste to pack all my shoes, I somehow forgot that I'd have 12+ hours of potential productivity ahead of me. And a Christmas list that I hadn't even cracked. See, you can practically feel the cold sweats of my anxiety, too.

Well, not to worry, Knitty saved the day and I'm now going to head out on my FINAL shopping trip to get some yarn. I solemnly swear not to buy any shoes while I'm out. Just yarn. And maybe some needles. BUT NO SHOES.

And then I will sit happily in the airport, knitting at least 1/4 of my ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY project, listening to 1/2 of my ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY episodes of Drawn Together and will then board the plane, take my Ambien with a gin and tonic and rack out until my plane lands in London. Essentially negating my need for all of my ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY activities.

At least, that's what I have in mind. Let's hope there isn't a screaming child or stinky armpit that has other plans.

I hope to blog at least once during my trip, so perhaps I'll share the most ridiculous story from my flight. I'm sure it will take me at least a week to choose one.

A presto!


  1. Yeah! Drawn Together rocks in that "I shouldn't be laughing at this but's it's disturbingly funny way. Did you load up a whack of Lime & Violet?

    No shoes! And have fun!

  2. ambien, gin, no shoes and Drawn Together? Sounds like my retirement goals.

  3. Fin, did you arrive safely? Those pies are making me so hungry and I just ate. ay. Give Shell a big hug for me.


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