Friday, September 23, 2005

Uh oh.

So, remember before when I made a comment about my enthusiasm for collecting projects without taking stock of how much time it would take to complete them? Yes, well, add that to my other downfall(s) which are either wildly over or underestimating how much talent/patience/experience I'd need to actually complete the project correctly and you'd understand my predicament right now.

I have this great backtack buddy (is that what we're calling them? I don't know) who is super creative and imaginative and interesting, so I wanted to make her a bag that would fit in with her unique characteristics. So, without letting too much out of the bag here, I found a bag that I thought would be perfect for her, ordered the pattern and, Voila! it looks very hard.

Now, I am a smart woman. I've managed to complete a few projects that I originally thought were way over my head, too. However, this would be the crown jewel in my crafting tiara if I were to pull it off. So, please, crafters everywhere, join hands and prey that I don't jack this thing right up.



  1. Heh, welcome to my life. the pattern i bought said 'teen' on the top, so i thought it would be easy. oy, was that wrong. good luck with your bag! mine turned out ok and i learned lots. i'm sure yours will be the same!

  2. Fin,
    So the bag is a bit cheeky, eh? But you got all of the pieces cut out? That is a big accomplishment. I've got a good feeling in the next 5 weeks you'll make it work. I can't wait for the photos.
    I, on the other hand, have only started sniffing about and have yet to sew my partner's bag. The pattern is in the mail.


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