Thursday, September 29, 2005

Finny's House of Horrors

So, I'll post photos of this later, but for now I have a freakshow of half finished projects lying around my house, inviting the raised eyebrows of my suspicious husband. In true Finny fashion, I've managed to start four separate projects that all need to be done at different times in the month of October. So now I have had to resort to some interesting project management techniques. For instance, laying out all the finished body parts of the two teddy bears so that I know how much I have left to work on.

The first two "due" are teddy bears I'm crocheting for my friends kids. These must be done by 10/15, in order to arrive in time for the shower. The third is a gift for a friend, whose birthday falls near the end of October. The last is my backtack project which has a hard deadline at the end of the month, since my "buddy" has to receive it by 10/31.

So, I'm freaking out a little bit. Not because I can't crochet, knit and sew quickly enough, but because one of the projects is totally uncharted territory (making time management impossible) and the other three are suffering from "insufficient initial purchase syndrome."Otherwise known as "Finny is too dumb to buy enough supplies to finish her projects so ends up with half finished teddy bear torsos and has to order the friggen yarn online and pay $8 S&H."

It's a bit scary. The issue with getting the yarn. The issue with having enough time to finish the projects once I have the yarn. The issue with being able to successfully finish a sewing project which is way over my head in time to send it to my ultra super fancy backtack buddy. It's all scary.

I'll post pictures of the carnage soon.
Photo of bear turned pig:


  1. Don't freak out too much - the good part is that you'll have an awesome backtack package headed your way too! (and in some of your fave colors, 'cause the fabrics have arrived on the scene chez supersecretbacktacker)
    let the sewing begin!

  2. And your October birthday buddies surely understand time constraints.
    I went out for a craft date last night with my friend Mini -- another Backtacker -- and she wanted to know all about your projects. I kept rambling on about how you tackle such difficult things and manage to figure them out and don't have a whole lot of help in the process. We stood there shaking our heads trying to figure it all out.
    I hope you have a wonderful weekend and enjoy your crafts!


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