Monday, September 26, 2005

A little less "Uh oh"...

So, with fear in my heart, I headed to the fabric stores this weekend to get supplies to start my "challenging" sewing project. I found some great fabric, in colors I hope my buddy will hopefully not hate, and all the notions necessary to complete the project. The scary part about that is that the weakest link (i.e. my skill and expertise at handling the machine and interpreting directions) is now the only thing standing between me and a finished product.

In order to maintain my sanity and be my own little cheering section, I'm probably going to chronicle my adventures with this project right here in my blog in the hopes that one day I'll be able to look back, finished project in hand, and beam with accomplishment. Or at least, reflect on the lessons I've learned from getting in drastically over my head.

Status of project:
  • All fabric pieces have been cut
  • 4 of 10,000 pieces have been sewn
  • Zero blood has been spilled

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  1. Cute Finny...I'm not a great sewer myself (and also worry that I will dissapoint my BTbuddy). But I know a few things and if you get really stuck feel free to fire a question my way...if nothing else I'm bound to have a book with the answer in it - heh! Good luck.


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