Friday, September 30, 2005


So, I headed back out to the shops again yesterday to see if I could, on my third try, find the rest of the yarn to finish a few of my projects. No luck. DAMN!

I had one store order more of the one yarn, and that's supposed to be in soon. I'm actually pretty surprised that this shop would just order more and not charge me anything for the special order, but as the lady told me, "That is how it should be". Really? You think so? Cuz everyone else seems to think I'm a friggen loon for asking. With any luck, the yarn will be in soon and I'll be able to finish up this birthday gift in time to mail it out.

The rest of my yarn is MIA. The random thing is, this is just your run of the mill yarn, but for some reason, it's all out of stock everywhere I go. I feel like I've been looking at this crap in the stores forever, and now that I finally use it, it vanishes. Let me justify using the term, "crap" to describe yarn I'm using to make these projects. This yarn is for baby toys which will get yanked, stretched, washed incorrectly, spit up on and godknowswhatelse, so I just don't make them with fancy stuff anymore. SO, I think I've resolved to finish these two teddy bears with different yarn. I mean, what do the kids care if all the parts match, right? These may turn out to be some pretty funky looking patchwork bears, but who knows, they might be cute.

My weekend goals:
-Finish bear #1 (blue)
-Finish bear #2 (Pink. Which is actually going to be a pig instead, because I learned how to make a curly tail and want to use it.)
-Assemble and finish the BT project.
-Watch a good deal of football.
-Drink a good deal of wine.
-If the yarn comes in for the birthday project -- finish the birthday project.

Can I get a "Good Friggen Luck!" from everyone? Yes, thank you.

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