Thursday, November 12, 2015

You should probably just ignore me

So, let's rest assured that I've not lost my incredible delusion.

When we were moving, I was making absurd declarations left and fucking right. 

"I'm going to shut the gate and hide forever."

Or, "Imma get drunk with the neighbors and eat their beautiful cake off the plate with my hands because I'm terribly behaved."

"I'm going to make your lunches, Bubba, because your day is going to be very long thanks to this new shiite commute." 

Translation: "I'll do it, like twice, and then melt down the special lunch container in the dishwasher and then sort of put it on the back burner for a while. BUT I'LL GET BACK TO IT. Swear."

"I'm going to wait until I've done the whole landscape design before I put in a single plant."

Crazier words have never been spoken.

But I'll just quick pull these dead ferns out and that's it. I'll stop after that.
The fucking place looks haunted.
So much mental vomiting

Fuck it. I couldn't take it. SO I PLANTED 6 SALVIAS SO WHAT?!
For the sake of Money Chicken

Then some leftover bark mulch happened that was a mistake.
Then some pumpkins came home with me from work because they're EVERYWHERE at work and it's impossible to keep them from just falling in the truck.
Marauding bastards 

Just...for days

Aren't the white ones the coolest? I think they are. Even though Halloween has passed and now all anyone can talk about is fucking Christmas.

Isn't this echeveria awesome looking?

Let's never speak of the holidays again. Or the fact that this door is positively shrieking for a succulent wreath.

Also, I may have some Mimulus en route in 4" pots.

And I may be kicking off of work early on a coming Friday to get some native iris rhizomes to restart my wild meadow.


I'm totally going to get a whole landscape design together before I plant anything else.


  1. Hops rhizomes on their way yet too?


    1. Not yet, Guy, but once that vegetable garden goes back in...YES.

    2. They take time to ... really get going you should start them sooner? :-P

    3. I have rhizomes pre ordered if you want some!?

    4. I have rhizomes pre ordered if you want some!?

  2. Isn't there some saying about trees that the best time to plant them was ten years ago and the second-best time is now? Pretty sure that applies to all plants. Have at it.

    I must admit I find the white pumpkins sort of weird. Like Bunnicula got to them.

    1. I think the previous owner believed that pretty strongly. This property is an oak woodland and they STILL kept planting trees. Insane.

      But yes, I'm going with it.

  3. Yeah, right! Looks great.

  4. Um, I've been at my house for... 3 years and I've done nothing. I haven't even planned anything because I feel like it's too much work and meh. Books. But now it's CHRISTMAS and you bet your ass the lawn will be decorated this weekend. Matt doesn't know it, but I've got PLANS for him. Also, I might buy the lighted fox at Target on his payday. To go between my pig and flamingo, but not close enough to Darth Vader.


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