Tuesday, January 14, 2014

More PING, less sense-making

Since the random fashion by which I've been attending to this blog is being received fairly well, I'm going to keep rolling with it since the time has not yet come when I can form a coherent post on a single subject.

Deep breath.

Random thing #1: Skiing is fucking happening

You may not be aware of the dire lack of snow in Lake Tahoe and California in general but let me assure that it is indeed DIRE AS FUCK.

Not even close in the DIRE AS FUCK department

Like, we have had our season passes since, like, June and we haven't skied a single day. We haven't even been tempted to go ski a single day because we like our bodies and ski equipment in its mostly functional condition and throwing our bodies and equipment down any ski run in Tahoe right now would render all of our warranties and well-being completely null.

We'd die, is what I'm saying. And fuck our gear up to the point of replacement. Which is, no.

So, since we can't ski here, we're going to the only place of reliable snowfall with mountains in this great country of ours and that is Montana.

Glorious, snowy, cold, We're Actually Having A Proper Winter, Montana.

We're leaving our absurd busy schedules, life complications, unanswered emails and untended responsibilities to drive for two days so that we can experience the activity known as skiing and snowboarding on actual naturally fallen snow.

Skiing is fucking happening and I am at the point that I don't care that we have to drive almost to Canada for it.

Random thing #2: I'm going back to the podiatrist and I'm bringing my aluminum bat
If only I had an aluminum bat.

I've been telling Bubba for 14 years that my preferred weapon of self-protection is an aluminum bat, even though I have the world's shittiest eye-hand coordination, and yet still I have not received one for any gift giving occasion.

Which is too bad because I feel like that may be the only way to keep the podiatrist from mishandling my feet when I show up tomorrow to be fitted for my orthopedic I'm Old As Fuck insoles.

As in, he grabs my feet haphazardly and PING I knock his block off.

NO! You do not just grab a person's feet when you know them to have bone spurs and arthritis. NO! PING AGAIN FOR GOOD MEASURE.

So we'll see how that goes.

Until then, they're staying swaddled in down and CRAZY.

Random thing #3: It's go time. Like, for reals.
Remember how almost 2 years ago I was all, Hey! I quit my job and am getting a horticulture degree!?

Yeah, you remember.

Well, the last semester of that degree begins in less than two weeks and the graduation date is only a scant 4 1/2 months away which is, handily, the same time that I'll need to be starting a job in this new field and WHOA the flying time is a bit freaky.

So, I've written up cover letters and customized resumes for a handpicked number of places I'd like to work and now I'm just sitting on them like some kind of nervous hen, waiting for them to hatch into viable jobs without my having to actually send them out into the real world where they may receive nothing but rejection, or worse, no response at all.

That's right, folks, I've done the research to find places I want to work, sourced respectable references, written up cover letters, customized resumes and I'm sitting here not sending them out because WHAT IF NOTHING HAPPENS.

Do you like the self-fulfilling prophecy I've created? It's a goodie.

I imagine I'll freak out about this a lot while we're driving for two days each way to Montana, where I won't be able to do a damn thing about it from the passenger seat of the truck, and then come home and, before unpacking a single thing or even letting the dog out of the truck, will send all the resumes out in a rage of WHAT IS MY FUCKING PROBLEM SOMETIMES.

Yes. That ought to do it.

Random thing #4: I know I owe you guys an explanation about the not-being-a-farmer thing, but I'm not there yet. Soon? 
Yeah, soon.

Meanwhile, enjoy this perfect basil plant that I grew.


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. This deleted reply is me too because I got so excited I commented under the husband's account. DOH!

  2. Oh do I remember the feeling, sitting on those cover letters, etc. when I went back to school at the age of 38, finishing at 41. Thoughts: What if my going back to school was a GIANT FUCKING MISTAKE and not only have I wasted 3 years (and one income) but NO ONE WILL HIRE ME?! And then I got off my ass and sent them. And got a GREAT job in the place I said I wanted to work when I went back to said school and am really happy with myself. So GO!

    1. Really?! You did this same soul sucking thing? And then it turned out ok?

      Suddenly I feel reassured.

      I'm not sending out any resumes yet, but I'm reassured.

      Hey-how long before you graduated did you start sending resumes?

  3. My dad always kept a little wooden baseball bat under his car seat as a defensive weapon. He might still. I'm not sure if this is smart or unnecessarily paranoid.

    Good luck with the podiatrist. And the skiing, since the two are kind of related, right?

  4. I wouldn't say Montana is having a "proper" winter, at least, not here in sw montana, where it is supposed to be close to 40 every day this week. I wouldn't expect fresh powder anytime soon, but I guess there is enough snow to ski in the mountains, certainly more than Tahoe.

    1. Sorry, this sounded like a bummer of a comment, didn't mean to. Hope you have a great time in Montana, I know you will, let us know how it was.

  5. Doctor definitely deserves more PING because NO with the grabbing. Ouch.


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