Thursday, March 28, 2013

You're not bored of pretty spring yet, are you?

OK, so that title is a bit of a tease because I'm just going to bitch about midterms but I promise to show you pretty flowers as we go though, so just sit there and fucking enjoy it.

Get right in there and enjoy it, damn you.

Wow. I'm quite the hostess.

Poppies from the front yard meadow are getting all FANCY with their frills. Or else they're deformed. Whatevs.

So, here's a fun thing - as midterms were approaching this week a lovely case of PMS attacked my face and guts so that I got the supreme joy of studying my face off meanwhile also wishing to die and being extra pleasant about it.

At least someone is behaving around here.

Thankfully Bubba is in San Francisco for a conference all week and doesn't have to endure my daily rantings on Hwy 17 and PCH drivers, the parking situation at school, the annoying people from class, the bullshit 53 question take-home midterm from one class, the insane Every Question is a Multi-part Short Answer Question midterm that's going to take one hundred years to complete in another class, how I'm going to spend my entire spring break writing papers and doing school projects or how come some of my pepper plants are so shrimpy. he really at a conference or are his skills of self-preservation so well honed that he is just off at the bar with his buddies hiding behind a giant beer?

I really wouldn't blame him. After I lost my damn mind, of course.





Still with me?

And then, when I had finished studying for today's massive forever-taking midterm yesterday evening, I found that STOP THE PRESSES I'm out of tonic and nearly out of gin.

Panic at the disco, y'all.

Thankfully again, there was enough left for one G&T if I subbed most of the tonic for sparkling water and an extra few ice cubes. Because I think you know that I was in no state to be going out to the store to deal with any three dimensional people and their annoying fucking asses after spending three hours (or years, who can really tell) studying the intricacies of biological control of the wild world of insect and pathogen pests.

Let's just say that it seemed ill-advised to interact with anyone at all. Almost even including the dog.

I'm taking my backpack and fleeing the building. Peace out.

Thankfully a third time, my beloved Bubba, arriving home at 11:30pm after conferencing and client handling and schmoozy partying waltzed into the house and produced a big fresh awesome bottle of local gin for me.

Because he knew I was running low.

And that midterms were here.

And...crabbiness...crazy wife needs her medicine...etc.

Damn, I love this man.

And then my neighbors brought over some lilacs off of their gorgeous plant because they "just know how much I love them." The lilacs, not the neighbors. I mean, I do love our neighbors but that's not what they meant.


Perhaps they heard my scream-crying.

So, yeah - I'm taking this whole feared semester right in stride. Which is to say that all of my fears were well-founded and, even though I have yet to begin the most feared month of the most feared semester (April - hi! See you soon. Try not to be a total whore.), I'm already melting down as though I'm in the thick of it.

But hey, I'm not one to wallow (there's a fun lie) so let's shift our focus to one of the few things keeping me from stabbing every last person or chore or accountant (OH MY GOD LET'S NEVER SPEAK OF TAXES I HATE YOU IRS) that crosses my path: the extra exuberance of the front yard meadow.

 Plus, do you know how good these smell?

They smell super good. And I carry them, and now the lilacs, from room to room with me and then to bed at night so that I can be one with their awesome smells around the clock.

I've contemplated taking them in the car with me and into class but I'm not ready to be that kind of freak. Probably soon though.

Stay tuned.


  1. Does gin taste as horrible as it smells? I just can't seem to get past the smell of gin. I suppose that means that my partaking in rum and whiskey and brandy isn't totally unfounded. ::sigh::

  2. Wow Finny, your front yard meadow is looking fantastic. Beautiful Flowers! Hopefully you'll be able to drink a lot this weekend and take your mind off of all that schoolwork!

  3. Focusing on the meadow seems an excellent idea. Also the gin.

    Happy smart thoughts coming your way from NY . . .

  4. Lilacs in the car, that's bad! They are so strong.

    Love the fucking enjoy it lol. That and your boob picture must be why I can't look at your blog at work! The meadow is looking awesome and I knew there was a reason I gave up on that college stuff right after I started.

  5. Spring? What SPRING!!? Beautiful....Sweet Peas are my fav!! xo


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