Tuesday, March 05, 2013

First catch-up. Then gardenblahblahblah.

You guys, it keeps being too long between posts.

I used to be a Coupla Times a Week kinda gal, now I'm...less so.

I get all busy with school and driving to Santa Cruz five days a week and the starting up of this business and the garden OH THE GARDEN and the hunt for snow and then BAM it's been forever since I posted anything.

Rude. It's very rude of me.

So let's catch up really super photographic-like, OK? Then we can all feel better about how it's not you it's me and whatever other relationshippy cliches that I just will not trot out on this blog because they make me want to slice everyone's throat including my own.

I don't do cliches, people, and you know this.

Photo catch-up, then? That's what I thought.

Also, forgive me in advance for showing you photos taken with my phone. You'll know which ones they are because blech.

I brewed my first batch of beer (Chocolate stout) under Bubba's watchful brewer's eye, of course.

 Thing #: I Do Not Know What on the four page To Do List: Tear out the hideous old Santolina and put in a new and ridiculously small Rosemary.

On a separate but equally important To Do list called, "To Do In My Life" - Get first chair at Heavenly.

  Thing #: I Do Not Know What on the four page To Do List: Ski some backcountry (like a freak)

 Thing #: I Do Not Know What on the four page To Do List: Irrigate the new garden bed. WHAT NEW GARDEN BED? I'll tell you in gardenblahblahblah. Just wait.

 Thing #: I Do Not Know What on the four page To Do List: Make lap coasters. Which are, for those of you wondering, a large semi-absorbent fabric coaster that can sit on my lap and absorb the condensation of my cocktail so that it doesn't get my fancy attire all ring stained.  No, I don't know why I make almost pointless things. Let's call it a character flaw.

 Thing #: I Do Not Know What on the four page To Do List: Insulate beer fermentation chamber.
This was certainly NOT pointless.

 Thing #: I Do Not Know What on the four page To Do List: Make new couch cushion pillowcases.

Oh finally it snows in Tahoe. FINA-FUCKING-LY.

This wasn't on any specific list, but who doesn't love watching a cute puppy run around in the snow? Only assholes, that's who.

Some QT in the Sierra backcountry.

And then QT with Bubba at the bar.

I studied for four hours last Saturday and then my neighbors took pity on me and hosted a study break. It is possible that I never returned to studying so it may not have actually qualified as a "break".

I brought these over to the neighbor who hosted my study break. I think you'll agree that she sorely deserved them.

I baked Farmgirl's bran muffins instead of doing 600 other things I should have been doing because that's how I procrastinate, friends - with baked goods.

I shredded all of these vegetables into a big bowl and have been eating it for lunch every day with a squeeze of lemon juice, some olive oil and an avocado sliced on top. It's actually really good and, no, I have not yet shit myself from raw vegetable overload, though I appreciate your concern.

I made some awful Chocolate Chili recipe and it was not good. I still ate it all, but it was way too gritty with spice and too sweet with all that cinnamon. Never again.

For one of my classes I had to open and check our water meter. I found a black widow in there and nearly shit the sidewalk. If I don't get an A in this class, I'm putting a black widow in my teacher's coffee.

Avocado with tuna and fresh dill. It's my lunch about three days a week and every time I eat it I feel like a nerd. I have no idea why.

This is one of my favorite trees in the spring time and this day it happened to have a very cute truck parked next to it. Yay for spring and old timeyness.

We've had some unseasonably warm spring weather and everyone except Bubba wants to soak it into our bodies like big sun sponges. Bubba just shakes his fist at the sky and mutters something about a traitorous so and so.

Remember Rocket? Yeah, she reminds us of her existence by squeezing into spots that are clearly too narrow for her.

And then by taking up spots that are clearly too big for her and that belong to the dog.

The front yard meadow is totally starting to bloom. 

Remember my 500 new pets? They've been pooping and I've been stealing their poops, mixing them with water and spraying it on my plants. It's the weirdest thing I've ever done.

I keep making Brussels sprouts like always and MAN are they good.

I made Farmgirl's Carrot Orange soup, ate it for a week and could still go back for more. That shit is goooooooooooooo-od. 
So, feeling caught up? I'm so glad. Me too. Sorta.

Anyone up for gardenblahblahblah? Because I've got some. LOTS.


  1. I WANT GARDEN TALK. It's spring where you are! There are flowers and things are growing! Allow those of us in the Great White North to live vicariously through you until we thaw out.

  2. Signs of spring, the end of winter fun, dark brew, cutest dog EVA'!, yummy food, a martini or two, adorable kitty, relaxing in the sun with said dog & kitty, tree blossoms, Cosmos! and worms.....one complete post...thank you! xo

  3. You've been a busy busy girl Finny. I'm glad the widow didn't get you -- water meter boxes are just creepy. You have tree blossoms too -- we have 8 inches of snow on the ground. Finally, after a bust winter! Now. Inquiting minds want to know (but are probably sorry they asked) -- what does worm poop look like???

  4. I found out this week just how many carrots are too many carrots (after your shredded concoction picture that popped in my head to share with you, you're welcome).

  5. Finny I am about to do THE MATHS for my six raised beds for the first time ever and I wanted to take a look at that awesome post that you did a few years (?) ago about THE MATHS but I am a retard and can't find it. Can you point me in the right direction?

    1. Ah - it's THE SCIENCE - that's prolly why you're not seeing it. GO TO TOWN, sistah :)


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