Thursday, November 29, 2012

That yearly tradition of ours that's not me making fun of people's ugly decorations.

Now, I know it's nearing that time when I make fun of my neighbor's holiday decorations (and those of your neighbors, too - SEND ME YOUR PHOTOS), but this post is about that other yearly tradition I have that falls around the holidays -

The...uh...Taking Down Of Last Year's Cards and Starting My Card Holder Thingee Anew With The First Of The Year's Holiday Cards tradition.

OK, so I'm not good at making up handy titles for our annual traditions. It's a personal flaw probably. Or maybe just another reason why you all find me so pleasantly odd.

Who's to say?

Or care.


Wow, I'm punchy today.

Anyway, this yearly tradition kicked off today when I received This, Our Year's First Holiday Card.


Strangely, this is the first holiday card we have received every single year, so it's actually becoming part of the tradition without knowing it.

DO YOU KNOW IT, CARD SENDING FRIENDS? You are part of the tradition. Weird, right?

I also find it amusing that this card is everything that my own holiday cards are not.

Specifically - covered with faces of children, emblazoned with the word "Christmas" and inclusive of a bible verse.

Never really sure what to do with that, the bible verse part.

I read all through the card, looking at the beautiful cute faces and shockingly fit and happy looking friends of mine who have miraculously birthed four children without gaining any weight or aging a single day and read through their little family update smiling and enjoying all the way and verse.


*closes card*

Whatever though because I got to start my strangely-named holiday tradition over upon the receipt of this card so WOO! Be as religious as you want because I get to take down this architecturally unsound Card Holder Thingee before it kills again!

Yes, it has killed. I don't want to talk about it. Also, in an unrelated note, let us all remember Rocket during a moment of silence.

KIDDING! She's alive still.

But the Card Holder Thingee has been giving her an evil stare, so I'm just saying that I don't know what will happen after nightfall.

Geez - are you following any of this post? I'm not. I should just start over, but that would mean deleting all of that up there and I can't be bothered.

Let's forge ahead, shall we?

Onward to the part where I show you pictures of my day's triumph:

Before This, Our Year's First Holiday Card arrived:

So lonely in there, this one clothespin. Also, someone should dust this house. FLORA.

After This, Our Year's First Holiday Card arrived and I had to close it before RELIGION got on me:

Some cards get to stay up year after year. Either they have hilarious pictures of Bubba eating sand as a kid or they have swears on them. 

No swears or sand-eating Bubbas? RECYCLE.
Hallelujah we have clothespins again. No clothesline, but that's not important. AT ALL.
So, yay. No one has to die from a tragic card falling disaster in our house this year.

But I make no promises for 2013.


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  1. How nice to be crafty. I can only imagine.

    I often think I could come up with the absolute best holiday cards and newsletter things, what with all the crazy shit we get up to on a daily basis and the many, many photos I have of various family members with dead animals or live animals or animal skins or whatever. "Merry Christmas from the Family Blackrock! *photo of children astride Daddy's most recent deer*." Or whatever.

    Too lazy, though.


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