Thursday, August 23, 2012

Not post 999

Hey friends - just a little hello to say that, while this is not post 999 and I am not your SUPER SECRET GUEST POSTER (even though that'd be kinda funny to be all, "Hey! Surprise! Your super secret guest poster is me after all this HA HA HA. Sorry."), the SUPER SECRET GUEST POSTER will be ready with your post soon and just to ensure that this person can post whenever they are ready, I'm actually going to send them the invite to the blog right now.

Freaks me out a little to give open access to someone to just post whatever they want especially since this person knows more about me than probably me and my mom put together, but I'm doing it.

For you.

You're welcome.

But I'm also doing it for me (which is my main reason for doing most things) because I really want to get post 1,000 and the BIG HUGE THING NEWS out into the world so that you can all judge me and then get over it and then get INTO it and then hang out with me while I go headlong into the BIG HUGE THING NEWS that I promise you is not that I'm pregnant.

Let me repeat that for those of you who don't read run on sentences like that last one -


However, SUPER SECRET GUEST POSTER is a busy person who is, right now, trying to accomplish many things and keep many balls in the air and with very little sleep, so I'm trying not to pester this person with WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO DO POST 999 because they might snap.

And I don't want that kind of snappage because yikes.

So, soon, my friends.

And then after post 1,000 will be a string of posts about all the shit I've been drafting but not posting and none of it will make sense anymore, but I'll still post it because why the hell not, right?

Also, I have 500 new pets as of today and you can just sit and think about what that may be because I'll post something about it AP1K.

Where AP1K = After Post 1,000.

Get it?

I thought you would.


[2013 update: You can't comment as an anonymous person anymore. Too many douchebags were leaving bullshit SPAM comments and my inbox was getting flooded, but if you're here to comment in a real way like a real person, go to it.]

Look at you commenting, that's fun.

So, here's the thing with commenting, unless you have an email address associated with your own profile, your comment will still post, but I won't have an email address with which to reply to you personally.

Sucks, right?

Anyway, to remedy this, I usually come back to my posts and post replies in the comment field with you.

But, if you ever want to email me directly to talk about pumpkins or shoes or what it's like to spend a good part of your day Swiffering - shoot me an email to finnyknitsATgmailDOTcom.