Tuesday, September 20, 2011

All that shit I haven't told you about yet.

My good buddy, Dig, has this great approach to blogging wherein she writes a few sentences or adds a picture or whatever when she has a moment and then, when she has enough moments pieced together, she publishes her post.

She calls it "nuggets".

I think I might like to try this approach, since I'm so totally not getting to the blog as much as I want even though I have two tons of shit to tell you guys about, so I'm just saying I might try this method. In the future. In another post.  And I'll just assume you'll all deal with it OK.

For now, you get a shortish stilted post wherein I piece together what I remember about three separate events that I've been meaning to tell you about and I'll just assume you'll all deal with this, too.

You guys - you're so flexible. I so like that about you.

Firstly - I milked a goat.

That, in itself, probably deserves its own post because it was one of those things that I have never done but sort of assumed I would like. And I did! Which, obviously, because it didn't involve getting a kick to the face, which is what I was sort of expecting.

Goats are dangerous, people. Just ask Bubba. He hates those fuckers. Me though? I love them. Now even more so given the lack of face kicking.

And to bring the Goat Joy to a whole new level, I made cheese from her milk. Just right then and there.

1. Milk goat. (That's not actually me milking right there. As though I'd have a purple purse. Please.)
2. Make cute cheese. (Then make awesome smoked trout appetizer and eat it while getting blazing drunk.)
And for those of you who are interested in what Love Apple Farms looks like in their new location, I took a handful of not great photos because WHOOPSY I forgot my good camera.

Hazy photo from the deck.

The pumpkin's bench.

Monster tomatillo that would positively dwarf my retarded plants.

Cutest and orange-est squash.

Wee-rinkly tomato.

More wee-rinklyness.

Groovy hillside trellised hops. If I had a hillside, I would totally do this.
If you've never been to LAF, here's some pictures from another time I visited them and started a different new hobby that's not so new anymore, even though I haven't updated you guys on it in a long time. Confused yet? Yeah, me too.

So yeah, I made cheese. I'll post on how to do it in more detail when I actually try to make cheese at home. Sometime in the next century when I have five minutes to rub together.

Wow. That doesn't sound right.

And speaking of having no proper time - I am going to revise my previous statement about piecing together bits of nuggets and words into a grand post to publish at a later date and just give you this.

Because if I wait to add more stuff to it, the thing's never going live. I'll get too far past the things and I won't remember and then I'll just be all Oh fuck it, I can't remember anyway and then no one will hear about the Heirloom Expo or my philosophy on getting my hair wet when I go swimming or how awesome Roller Derby is and how I'm so super proud of my friend for finishing her first triathlon and oh, by the way, I have a duathlon this weekend which I've trained (ish) for and haven't even talked about in forever.

Do you see how waiting for all of this to get crammed into one post could result in no posts for one hundred years?

I think you do. So. Here you go. I'll hopefully be back shortly with another short post about one of those things I just said.


  1. Roller Derby?? I wanna go to Roller Derby!

    Goats are freaky. I went to a goat dairy and I think they are kind of scary. I've never ate their cheese either because I'm a wuss.

  2. I suck at milking the sheep. Maybe it would be easier if they were in one of those handy stanchions instead of running around and so you have to kind of back them into the barn wall and then hold them with your body weight while someone else gets a headlock on them and then kneel down in (literally) shitty straw in the half-dark or with a flashlight. Yeah. I bet your way was easier.

    But the cheese! More nuggets about the cheese, please. When you have a minute, that is.

  3. That looks like so much fun. When we were at the fair a few weeks ago I was in heaven dreaming about my farm life fantasy. I don't think my family shares the enthusiasm for much more than a good wander through the stalls. My heart broke when they diverted us the other way when we left and I could not go into the feed store. I think my husband knew I might end up with a chicken.

  4. A. Bubbah is wrong, goats do in fact rock. Keep the yard in shape, provide milk and cheese and best of all when people say, "is that a goat in your yard" you get to say, "yup".

    B.Roller Derby also in fact rules. Once change in coming seasons. Go from flat track to a banked track and add corn dogs to the mix.

  5. I totally "subscribe" to Love Apple Farms newsletter (and I went to their Spring Sale - back at the "old" location), but I *never* got to milk a goat (Color me TOTALLY jealous!!! Actually, I have *never* milked ANYTHING!).

    (Unless you count "collecting semen from a Quarter Horse Stallion" as "milking" - but I'm kinda thinkin' *NOT!!!*)

    Nevertheless, I can totally relate to "Real Life" piling up and completely interfering with ones' ability to blog intelligently! I have a Bathroom Reno (in a One-Bathroom House - no less!) and "Cool Season Veggies" converging all-at-freaking-once (PLUS!!! We are *finally* getting our FREAKING SUMMER in late-September, thankyouverymuch!!!).

    Ooooops. I'm ranting, aren't I?!!

    Anyway - if you care to share "snippets" I am totally okay with that!

    Totally Bummed you can't go in on half-a-pig with me @ San Benito County Fair, tho'....

    Are any of your "followers" interested? (Gots to be "Local" to SF Bay Area, though...)


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