Thursday, April 01, 2010

OYW : Sew Along 2010 : April

Hi Donk,

I'm pretty amazed that we're already working on our 4th project from this book. How the hell did it become April already? I still keep writing the date wrong. And by, 'wrong', I mean I sometimes write 2008 because I'm a retard and it gives the teller at the bank something to laugh at (whore).


I have tried out the Obi-inspired Hot & Cold Pack that I made (to make sure it would work for the future gift recipient, of course) and I'm happy to say that it is actually quite effective. And I was also really glad to find a home for a bunch of flax seed taking up space in my baking cabinet. I suppose that if the recipient of this pack doesn't require its services for the purposes of soothing thy back, perhaps they can grind up the contents and make a nutritious shake or something.

Which is what I do with flax seed. Which also explains why it takes me FOREVER to go through the one pound container that was taking up all that space. Rude.

All in all, though - good project. And the winner this month? Great project! How thematic and lovely, cmhall410. Shoot me an email to finnyknitsATgmailDOTcom so that I can send you off a prize worthy of your greatness.

And while I didn't make it myself, all y'all's efforts with the Irish Soda Bread were impressive.Did you become luckier for eating it? Did you bake a leprechaun inside? Did someone kiss you while you ate it? I don't know what all the superstitions are that surround St. Patrick's Day.

So, for this month's destashing projects then:

Kelli's fabric de-stasher from One Yard Wonders:  The Pampered Pooch Walking Set

Finny's choice fridge de-stasher: Citrus and Fennel Salad

1 dozen or more kumquats, sliced
OR 1 orange, peeled and sliced
OR 1 grapefruit peeled and sliced
OR a combo
OR another citrus you need to de-stash
1 red or white onion, thinly sliced
1 fennel bulb, sliced thin (save some of the fronds for decorate-y purposes)
6 marinated black olives, sliced into rounds
3 T Champagne vinegar (or rice or white wine vinegar)
2 T olive oil
3 T orange juice (fresh squeezed, obv.)
Salt (dealer's choice)
Pepper (dealer's choice)

To make
In a large bowl, whisk together vinegar, olive oil, orange juice, salt and pepper.

Toss in all your prepped vegs and fruits. Toss to coat and set aside for 30 minutes or so - to let the flavors mingle and get to know one another's first names and childhood pets.

Right before serving, toss again really well and throw some of the fennel fronds on top because it makes it all pretty like.

Serve and await praise.

And then go post photos to the Flickr pool by 4/30 so that maybe we give you a prize, you big wiener.

OH - and if you still need to de-stash kumquats (because *I* still need to and this is all about me, obv.) slice a bunch more into rounds, store in a little bowl in your fridge, and when you go to make your weekly (nightly) G&T, throw a handful of kumquat rounds into your cocktail instead of (in addition to) to your lime wedge and call yourself wordly/diverse/culturally extravagant/fancy/whathaveyou.




  1. Congrats to cmhall410 :-) That's one cool (I mean HOT) looking heat pack! And sigh ... I guess I'm just not lucky with the sewing part of this OYW sew along ... I don't know anyone that I could make the pooch walking set for. Instead I need to make the Petite Diaper Bag this month for a friend that's having a baby, so will post that to the pool so you can see it. I do love fennel, though, so will definitely try that salad some time this month!

  2. I suppose it's bad form to say "yippee for me". Oh well....Yippee for me! I'll email you my info shortly.

    That salad sounds tasty, but alas, no kumquats in my fridge. Or fennel for that matter.

  3. Fennel looks weird. (shocker coming from me, huh??) I mean, it looks like a pricker bush thingie. Or something you'd seen in one of those funky ass flower arrangements.

  4. The last time I had to destash kumquats, I made this:

    Highly, highly recommended. It'll taste really, really sweet right out of the pot, but let it sit for a day or two and it'll bitter up nicely on you.

  5. Sounds like some fun projects for April Finny. And according to all the youngsters I work with it's obvi -- just thought you should know hahaha.

  6. Look at you, all fruity with your G&T. You know that adding all those different fruits and vegetables to your drink totally counts as a serving of fruits and vegetables. I'm pretty sure the USDA would agree with me.

    Or not.

  7. Sue- Definitely post the diaper set. I'm sure we've got folks who need to make those for all the upcoming spring baby showers. And enjoy that salad - it's my favorite thing to do with fennel. Great salad!

    Christy - Congrats! And, if you ever find yourself at the farmer's market, these are great finds.

    Sara - But it tastes so nice! (shocker coming from *me*, I'm sure)

    Dawnie - A marmalade with no pectin? I love it! And I think I might have a couple dozen kumquats left...thank you!

    Anna - Uh oh - my thirties are showing!!

    Kris - You are absolutely right! It's a health drink. I feel so much better ;)


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