Friday, April 23, 2010

The Farmshare Project: Week 3 [Recipe]

Firstly, let's deal the dirt on last week's farmshare.

People - I am not afraid to say that we FUCKING KILLED IT this week.

Really, now. The crispers were nearly empty (save for the muther effing beets and some kale) when this week's share arrived last night and that is awesome. Also awesome is the fact that we got the whole share because my neighbors were out of town AND YET STILL - we killed it. Awesome.

What is awesomer than awesome?
  1. Not having to get Bubba's help to shove closed the crisper drawer.
  2. Not having to haul a week's worth of rotting chard to the composter.
  3. When the rump roast farts in your face.

Wait? What?

Anyway, so what happened to all that farmshare-iness?

Let me just tell you.
 We didn't keep their eggs, though. That wouldn't be cool.

Last week's box had:
Asian stir-fry mix
Young fava bean pods
Green garlic
Baby red Russian kale
Red leaf lettuce

And their fate was:
We ate them

Apples: in a Waldorf salad and as a dessert with caramel sauce
Asian stir-fry mix: Steamed with The Best Vegetable Beef Soup Ever
Broccolini: in Broccoli Risotto
Young fava bean pods: in greenGREEN salads
Green garlic: in greenGREEN salads and The Best Vegetable Beef Soup Ever
Leeks: in The Best Vegetable Beef Soup Ever and fresh off the grill
Red leaf lettuce: in greenGREEN salads
Mizuna: in my Citrus Salad with Goat Cheese
Strawberries: for dessert with dark chocolate sauce

We donated them
Chard: SCORE! I finally remembered to donate at the pick-up site. Bye, loser.

We composted them

We stored them
Baby red Russian kale

And from storage?

Yes, remember when we got rutabagas in the share and we stored them? Well, we ate them this week and I'm going to tell you how right now so that you don't have to be all, "What do I do with these turnips?" because they're not turnips, they're rutabagas and they are a good way to make The Dinner from 1984 less 1984-ish.

Feel free to still wear your leg-warmers though. I won't judge you. Loudly.
Mashed Rutabagas
Recipe by moi

2 smallish Rutabagas per person, peeled and cubed
Butter, cream cheese, whipped cream cheese with chives from the back of your fridge or sour cream

To make:

Boil your cubed rutabagas just like you would potatoes - until a fork easily stabs them.

Drain and add to your pot either 2 T of butter, a big spoonful of sour cream, whipped cream cheese with chives from the back of your fridge or cream cheese - or a combination of these random things you might find in *your* fridge.


Serve with the rest of the crew from the SS Dinner from 1984 and act like, "What? Those are totally mashed potatoes and yes, I agree, they do taste extra good. Weird!"

And, if you're absurd like me and get all self-conscious about your ability to present food in an appetizing way, take one look at the two plates you've put together and, instead of just giving the crazy looking plate to Bubba because you know he doesn't care one way or the other, choose to make it fun and offer him the choice of The Normal Dinner or The Wild Dinner because you know which one he'll choose and then you don't have to feel guilty for giving him what you were calling in your head, "The Messy Dinner".

Friggen peas just go everyfuckingwhere.

And then last night I created a new fabulous recipe that I'll share next week that's sort of a beefy riff on this recipe from Pioneer Woman that I already riffed on a little bit by using our home smoked turkey. 

That's for next week, though.


  1. obviously i need to get back on my farmshare train. but which one? because i may choose a different one from before. they were a little jerky to me on a few occasions.

    and your dinner from 84? looks so good.

    but we had pizza night last night and that was good, too. you understand.

    happy weekend!

  2. Looks like a great haul! I am jealous!

  3. Nice work on the mass vegetal homicide.

  4. After your link last time I finally got signed up to do the 4 week trial! It doesn't start until May 6th.

  5. Melissa - We love pizza very much. To the point where *sometimes* I call for a "mid-week pizza night" in addition to our Friday night one. Though I do *make* the mid-week one because we can't be supporting Round Table all the time.

    HayMarket - You know it! The strawberries have been so nice to have again. :)

    Kris - I'm very dangerous when it comes to vegetables.

    Mom Taxi Julie - That's great! I can't wait to see how you like it!


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