Friday, December 04, 2009

The Not Leftover Prize

Firstly, good job getting through that post with all its talk of grody old turkey and squooshy gooshiness. I nearly barfed re-reading it to figure out what I was getting at with this whole book giveaway thing.

Meanwhile I already want to make that turkey pot pie again because My Trailer Sense is tingling and also we don't have any smoked turkey left so, you know, I always want what I can't have.

Just so you know, we haven't really had anything all that mind-bending since the Turkey Pot Pie incident of the other day, so there aren't any other recipes to recount in glorious detail or with side stories about squooshy gooshiness. BUT I did like the turkey leftover ideas you guys had and the movie suggestions for a long day of needle-breaking crafting.

I see I'm not the only one who loves John Cusak and that makes me feel better about myself. Now, if someone else can admit to nearly peeing the floor with excitement when Bravo! announced their John Hughes-a-thon, I'd appreciate it. Because I nearly did. Pee the floor that is. I think that of my favorite all time movies, he probably created 90% of them.

But you know this.

Also, his untimely passing marks only the second time in my life when I've been legitimately sad over the passing of a celebrity person. Like, I've felt real sadness as though a friend died. OK, I didn't cry - but there was definite bummed-outness. When Chris Farley died (also untimely and sudden), I might go as far as to say that it felt like a little bit of me died, too. Which is super dramatic and ridiculous, sure, but not completely untrue.

That man could really rock a lunch lady outfit.

ANYWAY - you didn't come here to hear me lament the passing of movie folk. No, you whores are here to see who won the copy of One Yard Wonders because you can't wait to see the dog on page 113 eyeing down my project sample.

Ew. Sample. That sounds nasty.

I promise, though, that there's no nastiness visible in my pattern or its photo with the dog.

OK, enough stalling - the Random Thingee Chooser randomly chose Two Sisters Sewing to receive a free copy of this extra-awesome-because-I'm-in-it sewing book!

hoooooooooRAY! Also - send me your full name with mailing address and phone number to finnyknitsATgmailDOTcom so that I can pass it on to the Storey Publishing (Hi Storey! Wuv you!) gal so she can send you your book. YAY.

For the rest of you whores who are now all sad that you didn't win the book - I sorry.

But, if you who soothe your sadness the way I do, which is to say by shopping, I say hop over to Amazon and grab this book up as they're still in stock for the low and totally doable (not in a sexy way) price of $14.25.

And, if you're about to skip town on this blog because of my relentless shilling, let's change the subject.

Have any of you baked your own dog biscuits and, if so, do you recommend any particular recipes because I'm about to become that guy and make dog biscuits for all the dogs in my life don't want to be wasting my time with just any old random dog biscuit recipe.

Because those dogs? They are, like, so picky when it comes to their treats. I mean, it's not like they'd just eat any old disgusting thing right out of a muddy puddle on the ground or anything.

Sorry I changed the subject to something stupid like dog treat recipes. I'll try to think of something more riveting next time.


  1. No. No, I do not bake dog biscuits for my dogs. They seem to prefer moldy deer legs and the sheep's corn.

    We do not have any canine gourmands around here.

  2. Congratulations to Two Sisters Sewing, (I'm jealous!)
    But then, I can just wander on over and pick up my own copy, since I now know where to get it. Maybe I knew that before, but forgot for a to Amazon...

  3. And it's a really sad day that I even know this since I don't own a fucking dog, but try this book: I literally had to search for this stuff for my boss because she's too lazy to do it herself. What's more depressing is that she's my 3rd boss in 7 years and probably the 2nd worst. My first worst made me take her urine samples to the clinic for her. Someday I'll have a real job. BUT, my boss said I did good on this little assignment so the book must be ok. I'm still employed.

  4. I've made dog biscuits, with recipes from "Easy-to-make Dog Biscuit Recipes". I bought it at my local food co-op, and it came with bone-shaped cookie cutters. My dog loved the biscuits, but she's a beagle - she'll eat anything. Excuse me, I have to let her out now, so she can clear the yard of rabbit poop.

  5. Too bad I couldn't get the book, but congrats to two sisters sewing! Gonna have to buy the book.
    I wanted to ask you something. Where can I read the NaNoWriMo thing you wrote?

  6. I'm sorry - the name of the dog biscuit book is "MacPherson's K-9 Cookbook" and is by Mary MacPherson. She put one out for cat treats as well, but I haven't tried those recipes yet, partly because my cat is finicky. Of course, if the cat won't eat the treats, I'm sure the dog will!

  7. I went there last weekend with the making of dog biscuits. I found a ton of free recipes on this site - - and tried the peanut butter dog biscuits which my dogs seem happy to gobble up. Not that I'd go by their recommendations because they also eat cat poop...

  8. I've never made dog biscuits but happened to look at a recipe for it the other day. I was thinking "Oh, Christmas presents for dogs!" and then I read the first ingredient.

    Raw. Liver.


  9. I use lot of free, easy recipes.

  10. Awesome. I cannot wait to see a copy!I am so proud of the Finny.

  11. Whoo-hooh!!! I can't believe I won. Dang, Finny, you rock! Sorry it's taken me light-years to respond. I'm on Etsy overload right now. Just sent you an email.


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