Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Happy Day When You're Not Working. Hopefully.

Surely you didn't think I'd forgotten my favorite holiday pastime of berating holiday decorators.

I mean, really now. I live for this crap.

So, before we disband for our traditional fried chicken (homemade, of course) dinners, stockings stuffed with booze and observing of other people's holidays on the slopes of South Lake Tahoe, let us first enjoy an excellent example of why I refuse to succumb to the delusional cries of those who wish, "I'd just get in the holiday spirit, already."

Because if *this* is the spirit, I want no part of it.

This time in motion picture with sound.

And in case you were wondering, this is the house to which I've been referring and pointing my middlest finger.

Happy Day When You're Not Working. Hopefully.


  1. Wow-aren't you lucky to have THAT in your neighborhood? Pretty special!

  2. You would absolutely LOVE my house. The only lights on here are the ones we read by...he he green and red sparking twinkling anything.

  3. You should move to the country, Finn. I have never seen a house like that around here. Fallen down shacks with rusted machinery in the yard, sure. But an overabundance of tacky decorations? Nope.

  4. HA!! I keep telling my husband to add more lights to piss off the neighbors! :) Except we are all out of outlets. Which means we need more plugs to plug into plugs. Which are ON SALE at Target!! :) THe neighbors are spanking our asses in lighting. They keep theirs on all night, which shine into my room. It's like mother effing daytime in here at 2 am. So we must add more. I will not go down without a fight. Utility bill be damned!

  5. Nothing like going green for Christmas.

  6. You're so funny Finny. Poor you have a whole year of waiting for your favorite pasttime. Fortunately, we know you'll manage to stay amused until then! Hope you're having a fabulous trip!

  7. hahahahaha love you and your disdain for over-the-top holiday decor.


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