Monday, August 17, 2009

Erik Pickle CHiPs Estrada goes to Montana

Apparently Pickle CHiPs is about to become Pickle MHiPs.


Pfft! Keep up!

It means that the winner of this year's Adopt a Crop prize of Lemon Cucumber Pickle Chips lives in Montana.

And which fabulously lovely blogger might that be?

Well, you can just look here, read through to the end of this post OR play along with some Super Fun Blogger Trivia.

You decide. Just SEE if you can guess who it is before clicking through the links. I double dare you or something.

Commencing Super Fun Blogger Trivia...
  1. She has a chicken named Paige
  2. She has a daughter called Bug
  3. She is a she (hey! not a real clue!)
  4. She has a dog named Alice
  5. She has presided over wedding ceremonies
  6. She was my #2 Blogger Blind Date
  7. She really knows what to do with Brussel's Sprouts
  8. She harvested 4+ gallons of peas this year
  9. She is currently With Bun
  10. She wears tops as skirts
...concluding Super Fun Blogger Trivia.

So - do you know who it is? Huh huh huh?

Well, this isn't the end of the post, but I'll stop teasing now - the winner of the desirable and glamorous jar of Lemon Cucumber Pickle Chips is the pleasingly sassy Dig This Chick.

So, dig, since I already have your address (STALKER ALERT!), I'll just send these guys off to you. But, first, you shoot me an email to let me know you still want them, kay? If not, maybe one of these 30 other fuckers does.

No. I did not just call you all fuckers. Where do you guys get this shit?


This will close off the spring/summer edition of Adopt a Crop, since the cukes are done and the pickle chips awarded.

Remember though, I told you that you could start thinking about what your winter crop might be. So, maybe start doing that, and remember to include things like onions, garlic, potatoes and fava beans.


That's it, now. Don't let me catch you leafing through seed catalogs else I'll smack your ass. With my foot.


  1. Do I still get smacked if I'm using the seed catalog as a coaster and flipping pages to non-wet ones? Just askin.

    Also funny- the "secret" word you have to type in to post- happens to be "pimplaw" today. Nice.

  2. Congratulations to your winner! As for a winter garden, I'm thinking I'm going to just skip that this year as my garden didn't work out so well this summer despite my good intents. Besides the Tucson weather challenge and my own ineptness, we have too many wild animals that somehow get in our yard. While it's nice to feed them, they're greedy little things and eat everything. That's okay though, the Craft:Along challenge this month gave me a tasty little treat to soothe my garden frustrations.

  3. shut the fuck up. Now that I said fuck in a wedding ceremony, I feel as if I owe it to my reputation to keep on dropping the word unnecessarily all about.

    Cutie pie with your trivia game...I was all, Awe who else lives in Montana?! Oh, wait! It's me!

    Of course I still want the pickles! yum

  4. Hey, I've presided over wedding ceremonies! Where are my pickles?? Oh wait, I don't like pickles. And I got jam. Never mind, I'll stop being whiney brat.


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