Friday, September 07, 2007

InStitches September/October: Patchwork handbag

Dear Donk,

I'm just not sure what you're referring to when you say "handbag problem". There is no such thing. Handbags, like shoes, are innocent items to covet, collect and then shove your husband's clothes out of the way to store in the closet.

Which is why I think the September/October project is a lovely choice. And not one that will lead to marital discord or anything.

I have actually been meaning to try one of these bags since we got the book because my favorite makeup bag is roughly the same shape (sexy rectangular shape I love you), but without the handy handles and with a super HELLO I WAS FREE Lancome zipper pull.


Because, dudes, they are always foisting these gifts with purchase on me when I buy my mascara (Difinicils? Anyone?) and when I see the lip gloss in there I can't resist. Then the Lady in the Black Coat gets all pissed when I take the whole mess apart and leave everything except the lip gloss on the counter. You know, for the next person to pick through.

Is the GWP display not a self-service buffet?

News to me.

Anyhoo, I like the project and I like the fun new choice. I am a fan of the Choose Your Own Adventure concept (even though the act of *choosing* your adventure was always much more adventurous than your actual *adventure* which was really just filler so that they could have a platform for their *choosing of adventure* idea. You know.) and in this case, I will choose the Taking My Sweet Ass Time adventure because the next two months are scary full.

Come on people, how many baby showers can one woman attend? Not this many. Not this many.

I'd love to be all proactive and creative and endeavour to make a bunch and then give them as gifts for you-know-what-but-I'm-not-ready-to-say-the-words-because-in-my-world-it's-still-summer, but I am a realist. And this realist knows that there are only so many weekends in September and they are all 100% booked. And then I have a race in October and a lot of lingering plans threatening to become permanent weekend suckers, so if I'm lucky I'll have time to make this bag once. And with any luck the patchwork won't come out looking all jacked like it does every time I do any piecing forcing me to come back to the blog with shreds of my one unfinished project to shamefully share with the rest of the class as My Most Amazing Failure.

The drama today? Sheesh. I must need a vacation!

Oh wait, that's right. I leave for Hawaii tomorrow.


I need to pack.

Good call on the project, theme and bag lusting.

Back in a week.



  1. Woo hoo! Have a wonderful time on your latest adventure, my friend.
    I'll have at least one of these babies done by the time you get back. Or not.

  2. Oooh! Have fun in Hawaii! I do agree that the rectangular shape has some sort of allure to it...

  3. between you and kelli, I had to get that book. I want that bag and hopefully will get it done.


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