Monday, November 27, 2006

Exactly what I want

I can't be the only one sad to be back at work after the long four day weekend. Although everyone around here acts like there's nowhere else they'd rather be than behind their laptops, clicking away at email and listening to their cubemates cell phones going unanswered.

Not that I don't have a big red heart for my job, but my long weekend was so blissfully full of exactly what I wanted to be doing that the jolt of being back in the office is startling and its making me already miss everything I did over the last four days. I *KNEW* it was going to fly by, and it did.

I love how I act like I was changing the world or making vast personal improvements or something.

Not exactly...

In fact, at this time yesterday I was padding around in my kitchen putting a pork shoulder into the crockpot for a pulled pork dinner and thinking, "Gee, at this time tomorrow, I'll be at work."

Now I'm sitting at work thinking, "Gee, I should have been spending more time trying to invent my time machine instead of wrestling with pork shoulder."


So, instead of doing exactly what I want to be doing right now (Taking a long walk? Howling with laughter as Bubba puts pretzel rods up his nose? Knitting a ski hat in front of my fireplace? Who can say?) I'm elsewhere thinking about all the sweet shit I did over the long weekend.

Sweet = baking a lot of loaves. 30 to be exact:

Pumpkin chocolate chip bread, lemon poppyseed cake, lemon pound cake, fresh orange cake - all personally taste tested for deliciousness by Bubba himself (see pre-porno photo of him above with the Lemon Poppyseed.)

And then I made some pulled pork sandwiches with pickled cabbage, fresh rolls and fries for dinner. You know, because we didn't eat enough at Thanksgiving. And because my oven was bored from disuse.

Sweet also = wrapping all my holiday gifts. Oh yes, all of them. I won't go into detail, but I will say that there is a very impressive stack of gifts wrapped up in un-Christmasish paper on a shelf in my newly organized closet.


It is so swell in there.

Another sweet thing = This new Bryson book started getting funnier toward the end, so I'm almost done with it. Although I'm having a hard time thinking of the next book. Ideas?

Yet another sweet thing = The latest live Foo Fighters album.



It is so [better word for fucking awesome].

I am become the Foo.


  1. I did NOT want to come back to work this week. I spent most of my shower time this morning wondering if I had enough sick days to fake something. The work week after a long weekend always kills me.

    I'm totally ready to retire. I could be finishing getting the Christmas lights up instead of running reports on how many work orders we have open.

  2. 30 loaves!!!! That's amazing! Some recipes??

  3. Yeah. Try getting back to work after two weeks off. The little trip to Mexico was a blast and we came back to snow. Yes....snow in Seattle... this global warming thing isn't working right. So, thirty loaves....ummmmm yummy.

  4. Caro - Dude. Totally. We are so right there. *Finger pointing eye to eye* I won't lie, Bubba and I started entertaining the idea of starting an alpaca farm as an alternative to our current working lifestyle. What will we come up with over the Christmas vacation??

    Ms Adventures - Duh! I need to do that. Granted, they're not *my* recipes, but I can post them anyways :)

    Mike - I'm retarded and don't Myspace so I can't comment on your blog. Forgive me. Oh, and why is it snowing in Seattle? And I thought you only knew how to make rain. ;) Looks like your MX trip was fun! I cna't do that zipline thing - I know my long hair will get caught up in the line somehow. Paranoid!

  5. You know, it's funny how a few simple words can make a big impact. I read this post earlier today, and it has stayed with me all day. Like an itch just out of reach. Actually, just a couple words have been poking me with a stick: "a big red heart for my job". That is a huge concept. I am in the midst of turmoil, confusion, questions, and may leave my job after 23 years. It's scary and exciting at the same time. I asked God for a sign and I'm wondering if this is it, or if it was the financial woes I had today that are telling me quitting my job is stupidity. But I really want a big red heart for my job. Thank you for making me think it's possible.

  6. 30 loaves. I'm swooning at the concept. And even though I just ate breakfast, I really want some bread right now. I wonder where that recipe for almond poppyseed bread is...

  7. Not to be terribly selfish, but is there any chance in hell one of those loaves is coming my way? They look SO good. I really wish we lived closer. You have so many crafty, domestic things to teach me.

  8. Holy moly! 30 loaves??? Your long weekend sounds divine!

  9. Barb- I'm so glad I could bring you hope, sometimes that's all you need is someone else out there to give you a little push. That's how I have gotten through my tough times. Africankelli can attest to that. She's usually the one giving me the push. Sometimes a really big one.

    Kell-There is a chance in hell. Although I haven't decided if it will be one of those loaves or one of the ones I make this weekend. YES! That is right! More baking! I need to stop this.

    Beki-And more to come, dahling. I'm not sure what my problem is, but even with 30 loaves in my freezer I still have HOLIDAY PANIC and feel that I need to make more. So this weekend, I will sing a similar tune. I'm thinking something chocolate. Perhaps a black and white loaf? Who knows...

  10. Remember, I have commandeered a loaf. And, the book? Yikes. Can I admit I haven't started yet. Man, oh, man. I better get going. I've got it, it's waiting for me. Will it take me a long time??

  11. BTW, just remembered, a suggestion for the book club. How about "What is the What" by Dave Eggers? I mean, truth be told, I'm a little nervous about it cuz I'm pretty sensitive reading about people's suffering, and couldn't really handle The Kite Runner even though everyone raved about it. But, just a thought cuz I do like Dave Eggers and it's been forever since he's actually written a full-length novel. Plus the idea of the Lost Boys is intriguing to me, esp. since it is based on a real person.

  12. I've already read it, but Cold Sassy Tree might be a good choice.


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