Friday, September 11, 2015

I ate my body weight in pretzels. And parsley, basil, dill, radishes, lettuce, cabbage, chives and arugula.

So, I went to Germany to look at some farms.

And look I did. A LOT.

My eyeballs are tired from all the lettuce looking.

And cute displays of herb looking.

If you don't look at this and squeal then I just don't understand you.

I mean, who DOESN'T want to look at and sample a half dozen types of dill?

Or talk to plant breeders about the latest in hedgerow design?

Or watch the corn wave around in the breeze?

This girl does, that's for sure.

Plus parsley. I tasted a lot of parsleys. Parslies? Whatever you know what I mean.

And eat pretzels.

So many pretzels. I ate them all.

And see the latest basil varieties.

I smelled, tasted and cuddled all of these basils. IT'S MY JOB OK.

And I work VERY hard.

I had to pinch this basil's cheeks because come on. CUTEST.

And, bless the friggen Germans - the straight lines and organization. Best ever.

Probably I will have to make this at home.

And eat pretzels.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner pretzels. Plus pastries. Plus YAY.

And see way more arugula than necessary.

Yeah. I don't grow arugula, but apparently a LOT of people do. There was much talk about it. 

And eat pretzels.

Which gave me a chance to eat more pretzels. 

And drink beer.

And mushrooms and carpaccio.

And look at squash towers.

"WOW! The Germans are so efficient that they've figured out how to grow squash vertically!" - The hilarious Bubba

For work.

Lamborghini tractors. Because Germans do not fuck around with farming.

My greenhouse manager and I - working VERY HARD.

Market research. At the market. VERY WORKY.
The shoppers in the store didn't really know what to make of a dozen growers poking around the living herbs section taking pictures and smelling and modeling with all the plants.

This was very cool - a package of herbs for a specific type of herb sauce that they make all over Germany ("green sauce"). We all marveled at it in the store. 
And then BECAUSE WE WERE WORKING VERY HARD, we went to the growers who produce this special "Green sauce" herb package to see how they do it.

And check out how the Europeans pack out their herbs. 

SO COOL - Cut bunched dill shipped in watered pallets.

Hehe - cute chives

And the very first chance I had, there was currywurst. 

Don't you call it hot dogs.
So yeah, Germany. Farms. Vegetables. Herbs. Beers. Pretzels. Clean boots. Cool people.



See y'all in a week or so. When I will be "not even that tan".


  1. My favorite thing in Germany and Austria were the Mercedes garbage trucks.

    With that said, the only time I'e been in Germany, I was there in January...which isn't normally super cold and snowy but we were just lucky and it was just like being back in Wisconsin. Lots of snow and it was cold. ::sigh::

    1. Seriously - the cars are all Mercedes, Audi and then, obviously, Lamborghini. I think they'd be horrified at American farms. Some of our equipment is pieced together from old lawn mowers.

  2. That is just amazing. I LOVED that photo tour of your work trip. I would rather do that trip than go to Hawaii. Weird? Me? Nope. Just totally enamored of all the food growing in orderly rows.

    My great-grandmother was German, which makes me only, what? One-eighth German? But it's a very dominate one-eighth in my personality, obviously.

    1. I am too, the rows! The glorious rows! I effing love crops - which even amongst all these growers was scarily apparent - and taking closeups of the cabbage was seen as strange. Oh well. When will I get another chance?

      We must not shy away from our love of efficient crops.


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