Monday, November 28, 2011

Let us join together as one in our holiday pet peeves

I just wanted to check in and make sure that you all survived the craziest holiday shopping weekend in history.

Crazy in the sense that people were nearly (or totally? I didn't follow up on the news stories because they were too depressing) killed attempting to buy waffle irons for $2 and such.

I just feel like the holidays have lost their appeal when celebrating them involves the use of pepper spray, rioting or handguns on fellow citizens of humanity.

Perhaps, in that sense, I am the crazy one, but I'm willing to accept that.

Meanwhile, sorry the blog has been so quiet this month. NaNoWriMo is nearly over (3 more days! 6,000 more words! I need to give myself constant pep talks and use a lot of exclamation points so that I don't shrivel up into a lumpy pile of despair! Forgive me!) and I really really want to be back with you guys, hanging out here, bitching about the aforementioned holiday insanity and also showing you pictures of things I'm making, eating, drinking and pointing at in horror.

Yeah, I feel renewed attention to my favorite game of Holiday Fugly coming on, so I hope you're ready for my Holiday Ranting A-Game.

Got some holiday rantings of your own? I totally want to hear them. It may even inspire me to go on a whole new rant of my own.

And wouldn't that be nice? Some togetherness, some camaraderie, some linking of arms and pointing of collective fingers during this season of holiday?

I think so.

So spill it in the comments: Holiday Pet Peeves...GO. And remember - you can say swears here and I heartily encourage it.


  1. Whole herds of those incredibly tacky inflatable things--Frosty, Santa, Tigger in a snowglobe. One is bad enough when it gets half deflated and sad, but 20? No. Just now.

  2. Ahem. "Just no," I meant. Way to kill the snappy ending with a typo, Kris.

  3. Additional amount of road rage and crazy drivers. You can just see the holiday stress/ insanity in their eyes and it terrifies me, especially when I am walking somewhere. All of a sudden a usually safe crosswalk where people stop becomes like crossing the street in Thailand or a game of Frogger.

  4. I want you to know that when I made Matt put up our inflatables... I thought of you. ;)

  5. Cheery fake smiling clerks who act as though they are working on a commission when in fact they are only making $8 and hour and hate us all.

  6. When people attempt to create holiday spaces in buildings and do part big i.e. a huge tree and then part small a crappy menorah on the table in the corner. Really just pick. Can't we all be brothers in the holidayness...I mean we get it really. xmas, chanunukah, the holidays. drink, eat, be happy

  7. Cheery fake smiling clerks who act as though they are working on a commission when in fact they are only making $8 and hour and hate us all.

    Wow, everyone is pretty grouchy around here! I wish people would be happy, although when you only make $8 an hour to survive on...

    The last couple days I keep getting behind people that just stop. Like, in the middle of the road. I guess that little clicky thing that tells the people behind them what they are doing is just a waste of time for them.

  8. Ooooh yeah baby! Time for the annual holiday ranting -- I can't wait! As for me ... it drives me cah-razy to see Christmas lights before Thanksgiving. I'd prefer if everyone waited until around the 10th or maybe 15th, but I realize I'm living in my little old fashioned world. I blame the fake Christmas tree. Back in the good ol' days your tree would burst into flames if it sat in your house baking for an entire month. Somehow Christmas decorations loose their "specialness" if we're staring at them over a month of each year. Gah.

    Did anyone ever tell you you have a future in therapy??? ;-D

  9. Happy holidays. I f'ing hate "happy holidays." Pick one, stick with it, and rock it. You don't have to please everyone.

  10. My birthday is in I think Christmas is part of "my" celebration! I really hate to see decorations out before Thanksgiving....and equally hate to see them STILL out on the 4th of July!

    My hat comes off to Nordstroms this year for vowing "one Holiday at a time"...a great idea for us all!

    Have a wonderful Holiday Season!

    ps...I am impressed with you & NaNoWriMo!

  11. Hi, I'm catching up with you on the weekend.
    My birthday is in December, too, and so I feel very proprietary about
    Xmas. Which I like spelling Xmas, which was my Mother's pet peeve, holiday wise.
    My pet peeve? I don't like the blow up dolls, either, and the lights that look like icicles were nice when they first came out, but are boring now.


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