Tuesday, July 27, 2010

It's all BLAH in there.

I've tried to write a decent post about something interesting four times in a row now, but my brain is crap on account of a very, let's say, demanding, week at work, so I'm officially giving up and showing you pickles.

Hey, it's what I've got.

I'll be back after this week of mind-sucking meetings with something about either front yard meadows, 80 pounds of beef, brown bikinis or what it's like to spend 10 years with a man who believes that one can not own too many tents.

Look forward to that.


  1. Ni-i-ice Pickles! They look beautiful Finny! Now, about those tents....

  2. I tried to convince my daughter to help me make "open crock" pickles a few weeks ago but it was a no go for Hannah.

    However, you have inspired me to hit the farmer's market and maybe give it a try.

    I am TOTALLY waiting for the 10 years and one can never have to many tent story!!!

  3. Oh, I AM looking forward to it. All of it.

    Nice pickles, Finn! (That goes so well with the "Nice melons!" comments I get to make. Dirty.)

  4. I thought this post had potential of going down the "Bubba's pickle" road much like Finny's melons...but it didn't. And I don't know if I should be happy or sad about this.

    But yay for pickles?? I'm not sure how I feel about this either. :)

  5. Thimbleanna - About those tents indeed...

    Sarah - There are so many easy ways to make pickles that I avoid any methods that involve "skim the scum from the top" instructions. Too much work and - ew. I'll have to post my methods one of these days.

    Kristin - I only grow sexually suggestive vegetables, apparently.

    Sara - You should be glad I didn't send you any of those pickles, because I nearly did. Also, your jam should arrive soon. Be happy! It was this post or nothing.

  6. i didn't know you canned! yay! i love canning, and it seems to be all i do these days.

    i was confused when i saw the photo of the cukes in the food processor bowl. but it looks like you did not chop them up into relish. thankfully. that would be wrong. what you did do with them, looks right. i bet you didn't forget the dill, like i did in my last batch!

  7. hope you got some r & r and a few g & t's . . . and how do i get me some pickles already??


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