Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Adopt a Crop 2010 : Boom

We got back into town last night after dark, so I held off going out to the garden until this morning to see just what the hell it had been up to all unsupervised for three days and I think you know exactly what it did.


Cucumbers BOOM.

Tomatoes BOOM.

Potatoes BOOM.

Beans BOOM.

Melons BOOM.

Tomatillos BOOM.

Totally volunteer to the point where I don't even water it Sunflower BOOM.

Apples BOOM.

Thankfully, the cilantro has not yet gone boom, but it is producing and, since the jalapenos are producing as well and the farmshare keeps giving us onions, I will be making a small batch of salsa verde because the tomatillos are slightly BOOMing and I have a few rolling around in the crisper awaiting their first attempt at salsa.

Of all the booming going on (OK, I'm going to stop saying that word now. It's getting creepy.), the jelly melons are probably the most exciting to have doing anything because you know it's been really quiet in the jelly melon department so far.

I wonder what a jelly melon department would look like? Anyway.

Tiny green leaves are the jelly melon. The rest? It's the Moon and Stars watermelon. Yikes.

Before we left town, I gave the newly burgeoning jelly melon its own cage to climb up, since the johnny-come-lately-because-I-freaked-and-bought-a-melon-seedling Moon and Stars watermelon has gone hog wild and taken over the whole bed even though it wasn't supposed to be in there at all.

Spotted leaves are the Moon and Stars watermelon and solid green leaves are the Rattlesnake.

And this is what I get for being a spaz and buying one teeny Moon and Stars watermelon seedling because I thought all my melon seeds were going to be complete failures.

The watermelons have left the building.

Specifically, I get a Moon and Stars watermelon that wants it all. And by, "all", I mean - the yard, our house and the moon and all the stars.


We also want tomatoes.

Oh, and before I forget, before I left, I made the first batch of pickles for the season and, well, YUM.

I just ate that big fattie on the top there. PUCKER. Good.

What? Don't you eat dill pickles for breakfast after a roadtrip?

I'll never understand you.


  1. If I could grow anything in my yard (other than weeds) the way you can, the neighborhood squirrels would need motorized scooters to get around. All they'd do is sit in my yard and eat my edibles. How do you keep them free from local fauna? My dogs can't even scare away the 'possums and 'coons anymore.

    Mmm, pickles.

  2. Pleasepleaseplease do some Monday morning quarterbacking about the potatoes at the end of the season. I've been intrigued with the tire method for awhile but am leery of going full-hillbilly with them in my yard.

    Also, how gnarly is that cucumber blob growing through the fence? Nature is nasty!

  3. Oo! One more thing: salsa verde freezes like a dream. And you're going to need to freeze it because those little fuckers make a lot of salsa!

  4. You know I would eat pickles for breakfast. Hell, I'll eat them for ANYTHING, as long as I get to eat them. First Pickles are a little ways off yet--no blossoms on the cucumbers as yet, but you know how fast they get going once they blossom.

  5. Guess what I encountered this weekend??? Not only potato bugs BUT lettuce worms. SHIVER. I am probably never going to eat lettuce again. Ew.

    Your garden is out of control.

    Salsa is super easy to make. And I like to make it because I like chopping things up. But I don't eat them. Don't judge me.

  6. I can grow nastursiums or however the hell you spell them.
    I love last picture, I don't have any that color, they are BE-UU-TI-FUL!
    And the whole rest of your booming yard is not bad too.
    One of these days I will have one of my own. (sigh)

  7. Wow Finny. Wow oh Wow. That's one gorgeous garden!!!

  8. Sue - Exactly.

    Shannon - The creatures still get in the yard, there's no avoiding that. But, I do have a bird feeder AWAY from the vegetable garden so that the birds don't sit on my tomato cages and hack away at my tomatoes. So that helps. And we have a dog(and cat) door to the yard that allows our creatures (cat is more dangerous than the dog at times) to chase off squirrels, cats, raccoons, possum, skunks, rats, etc. The dog is pretty ON IT, so most critters have gotten the message and steer clear of our yard now.
    Meanwhile, we still lose some stuff each season, but thankfully there's enough to go around.

    Jen - What kind of stuff do you want to know about the potatoes, specifically? Though I'll plan to do a general, "This is what I think of the potato tire thing." post regardless.

    Also, I HOPE I have enough salsa verde to freeze! Or can. I think I'll can it.

    Kris - We've already eaten 3 of the 4 pickles in that jar and I've already added 3 back in there to stew in the brine. WE LOVE PICKLES. This weekend - hamburger dills.

    Sara - You don't grow lettuce, so where did you see lettuce worms? Yes. They're gross.

    So, are you telling me that you make salsa and then don't eat it? Freak.

    Claudia - Those are my new favorite nasturtiums! I think they're called Peach Melba. When they first bloom in the shade of other plants (before they get blasted by the sun), they're super gorgeous.

    Anna - Thanks, doll!

  9. Wow! That is an amazing garden. I wish that mine looked like that right now. I can't keep food plants thriving to save my life. Flowers yes, food, not so much.

    Can't wait to hear more about the jelly melon. That sounds interesting.


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