Wednesday, April 23, 2008

FaDSA April: Modern Apron

Dear Donk,

You can call me old-fashioned if you want, but I feel like sewing patterns should have, well, patterns. I know this book is supposed to be *so simple* that I don't need patterns, but let's face it, I'm not so hot with the math and measuring business so patterns typically help. I need to trace and cut along predetermined lines, OK.

But, I will say I was happy to see at least a diagram in the back of the book for this one. Granted, it just showed measurements and a line drawing, but it was easy enough for even me to follow without making massive mistakes and ruining my favorite fabric ever. That's saying something about the "Simple..." in this book anyway.

I also realize that this *pattern* called for seersucker, but I don't live in the south and couldn't picture myself cavorting around the kitchen in a fabric I actively associate with mint juleps and those straw hats with the really flat brims. I can be very literal sometimes. And as you know, I found this fabric in Portland and loved it very much and wasn't going to leave the store without it so, when I couldn't think of anything else I'd want to make from it I decided,TEE DAH, it will be an apron.

Sure, it doesn't have the alleged absorbency characteristics of the seersucker but I hardly care. It's wicked cute and now has a ring pocket (I don't wear my rings while I cook because of the big mess, you know) and an adjustable neck strap that I also love.

The neck strap, while neato because of its adjustability, became necessary after I realized it was really long and the apron wouldn't cover my boobs if I wore it like that. Sure I *could* have ripped the neck strap off, cut it down and sewn it back on, but then it would probably be too short and Whoopsy! I'd have to make a whole new one when it didn't fit over my giant heed.

No, we can't have that.

So, instead I added a little velcro to the strap so that I could slip it over my head and velcro it up so it'd drape at a normal place. Specifically, over my boobs. Can't have them open to the fires of the stove, you know. Now it's a perfect fit and Bubba thinks I'm extra clever for that little maneuver. Score!

Anyway, enough about my boobs. I have a birdie apron and I love it a lot. It's already dirty with stains from at least two good dinners and a baking extravaganza with lemons that went on this Saturday.


So tell me, how's things going with your apron?



  1. I want this fabric! Do you have any info on it??? SO SO cute! I love how the apron turned out too. :)

  2. So cute! I love that you made the neck adjustable too... I'm thinking I'll have to figure that out soon!

  3. Look at you go! Modifications and everything? Very impressive. And the fabric choice is extra sassy.

  4. Very cool Finny! I love the fabric -- so bright and cheery. C'mon now...come clean. I'm betting Bubba would have preferred no velcro and exposed

  5. Cute apron! By the way, your kitchen looks clean and adorable! ~D

  6. My apron you ask? Big and black and dirty...nothing like yours!

  7. christinate - I found some online for $4.49 yard here. Which I am positive is less than I paid in Portland. We'll just say Good for You instead of me getting pissed, k?

    Lynn - Yes, I become to inventive in my ways to avoid extra work or undoing projects. Thanks!

    meg - I love it SO much. Although, not afraid to get it dirty. I think it will be better covered in kitchen goo.

    thimbleanna - !! You're right. Perhaps he was overexagerating his reaction to cover his disappointment with the covered boobs. I'll have to make a boobless apron or something. Like crotchless panties, but for cooking.

    Mymsie - Thanks, me too!! And I actually made something from it instead of hoarding it. New for me!

    Anonymous - If you're going to say things like that, I'm going to need you to identify yourself so that I can hug you relentlessly. Thank you :)

    Figcharlie - Sounds vaguely porno, but that is good, too.

  8. Oooh, I just love it so much! It is great Finny!
    And bravo with the neck strap issue. I need to get on my project pronto.

    Fab fabric, btw. Wunder where youz got that?

  9. Ack! Want that fabric. No...NEED that fabric.


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