Thursday, October 04, 2007

Pedicure socks and my secretive ways

Pedicure Socks
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran, Teal
Needles: US 6 DPNs, Tapestry needle
Pattern on Knitty

Notice something different? That is me putting two rare things in the same post; photo of a finished knitted object (trying to stay truer to that whole Finny knits thing and all) AND I actually put the details of the project right there with the photo.

You know, because when I'm on someone's blog and I see photos of glorious projects that I suddenly MUST DO OMG THEY ARE SO AWESOME and then can't find the name of the project or what pattern it came from or geez man give me a hint about the yarn at least (!) - it pisses me straight off.

Meanwhile, I'm over here just willy nilly posting pictures of shit I knitted or sewed or whatever and never saying a peep about where it came from or if I even know what yarn I used and whathaveyou. All secretive like.

Um, I annoy myself.

But it's not like I realized this altruistically when I was sitting cross-legged on a sea cliff pondering my existence and thinking of ways I could bring my life into balance or anything. No. It was when I finally got off my dead ass and logged into Ravelry with the intent of actually
using it (more on this in a minute - I'm on a roll here) that I realized the lackluster and vague knitting existence I had been leading so far AND how awesome it is when you see pictures of things you want to make right now and HEY can actually click on the pretty pictures and get details with which you can make that whatever thing right now.

*Big moment of clarity and mild arousal*

Now, before I derail off into a HOW FUCKING AWESOME IS RAVELRY tirade, let us first contemplate the beauty of the finished pedicure socks.

And let's please also ignore the fact that although I'm wearing pedicure socks, I clearly haven't just come from getting a pedicure because oh my god how long have I been wearing this pink polish or what is left of it? Just, I know, so let's move on.

So, like I was saying last time, I've had this knitting project hanging around taunting me with its unfinishedness for over a year. One sock got done in a moment of productivity prior to my trip to Italy (where I did no knitting whatsoever despite my original sober intentions) and then the yarn/needles/sock/crumpled yarn band/old kleenex/sticky earplugs got dumped into the yarn bucket when I got home to await a future moment of ambition.

One year later, there I was - all ambitious. This was on Monday. By Tuesday evening I had finished the second pedicure sock (although we will not be comparing the two side by side because you know why) and ripped them onto my semi-chilly toes to get a look at how hot my feet were going to look coming home from the salon.

Then, obviously, I recoiled in horror when I saw my toenails and the fact they were still wearing the same polish from before our trip to Hawaii that was
three weeks ago. Shame.

Oh well, I guess I'm all primed and ready for a pedi for which I will bring my socks so that after they're done with all the mean scrubbing and clipping and buffing with a chainsaw, I can slide these babies on and walk out of the salon without cold winter feets. Sweet.

Now, to discuss Ravelry.

People, are you on this thing? I think you probably should be. It's pretty fancy. I totally can not do it justice in my own words because no swears accurately describe its awesomeness, but it's like this: (After requesting/receiving your invitation) You go there and organize your stash, tools, patterns, projects and
the best part: you can find new stashes, tools, patterns and projects that other people are doing in this great little collaborative environ. And, answer to my screaming prayers, I can search for patterns that use the exact yarn I have in my hot little hands.




For instance, I have two skeins of Cascade 220 Superwash, but OH WHAT WILL I MAKE FROM IT? Mmhhmm - I just type in Cascade 220 and ta da (!) there are 442 projects from which I can choose. Filter at will, too! Do I want to make a hat, sweater, something naughty (that's really a filter)?

Dude, huge.

Oh just go ahead and sound the dorky yarnmarm horn but I wish Ravelry were a real thing so I could hug it and twist its naughty nipples. It's rad.

It has inspired me with his greatness to go ahead and organize my stash (usually I'm such an orgo nerd, why is this so hard for me?) and then also to get moving on my WIPs and meanwhile try not to be too worked up about the fact that everyone in the whole wide Ravelry world seems to be doing a hundred complicated projects at once while all I am doing are tubes.

What can I say? I like tube-y things. And if you like tube-y things, or are doing the InStitches along with Kelli and I or knit things or crochet things or like to look at other people's stuff or join online fiber-type groups or just like to organize things, you might want to force your way into Ravelry.

If you get in there and want to find me or the InStitches group you can search for "finnyknits" and/or "institches", respectively.

I officially like it in there and yes, I said rad.


  1. FOs! Nicely done lady! I had never seen those pedi socks before so now I'm off to add them to my Ravelry queue. And yeah, I LOVE The Rav in a big way too.

  2. So many FO's! Oh I'm going over the ravelry right now to add myself to the InStitches group. My first group! Oh and the profile part where it said "favorite curse word" I actually thought of you and that you would be amused...

  3. Great ped socks!
    Ravelry = awesome

  4. I admire that you not only started a project but also FINISHED it, however, they are the silliest things I've seen in a long time. Thanks for that.

  5. Caro - I am shocked that you YOU have not seen the pedi socks before. You, Mistress of Socks! How could this happen? And, ahem, you have so many projects in your queue already. So impressed. Big heart for Ravelry.

    Lynn - You know that was my favorite part. I couldn't choose. It would be like picking a favorite child or something. Welcome to the group :)

    Rohan - Saw you on Rav - woo! Where has this been all my knitting life?

    Jen - Don't make fun. I know you really really want some.


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