Monday, March 02, 2009

Craft: along 2009: March


Don't worry, if anyone can understand being too absorbed by tomatoes to do anything else, it's me. And, hey, you were trying to do both projects! Such an overachiever.

Me, I only did the one. But I will say - I'm loving my basket.

And by basket, I do mean, the tubTUB for my Smart Balance. It now lives in my fridge, holding securely to my SB (or whipped butter when we're feeling indulgent, which is often) and a butter knife and every time I open the fridge, it makes me a little extra happy.

I'm just glad to see that other people liked this project enough to make it. I was a little afraid that everyone would be, like, Aw crap, I already have a hundred baskets, I don't need another one and then not do the project, but no, you're awesome and so are your baskets.


Especially nice, actually was nutsycoco's basket, which I liked very much. Honestly, this is something I would expect to see in a museum or something. Whether it's the fabric or the stitching or the craftsmanship, I dunno, but it's rockin' and, so, nutsy - you win!

Shoot me your full name and address to finnyknitsATgmailDOTcom and I'll ship you off your prize. Congrats!

Now, for March's projects.

Sewing project: Crooked Coasters

Other project: Baking: 5 minute Pizza dough

And don't worry if you want to make them both because I do and, likely, I will, because as soon as Bubba sees that there's pizza dough in our craft: along he's going to begin reminding me about it on a daily basis until it exists as dinner.

It is likely that I will rename it, "Shotgun pizza".

I suppose if you wanted to get all supah crafty you could make a round crooked coaster and call it a pizza coaster and put your 5 minute pizza dough pizza right on it, but I'm not saying you have to.

Just remember to photo your project and add it to our pool so that next month Kelli will have everyone's entries from which to choose a winnah.

And don't you want to be a winnah? I know I do. Sadly, I am out of the running. No matter how awesome my crocked pizza coaster turns out. Not that I'm making one! I don't know yet.

Anyway, have fun this month and let us know if you've seen anything (or any category of things; knitting, embroidery, plush body parts, Splenda crafts) on the Craft blog that you think we should try to include in future months' "Other" projects. And then we will think a lot about incorporating them.



  1. I like these projects very much. Great choices!

  2. Congratulatons to Nutsycoco, her basket looks fantastic.

    I like your March choices and will do both. Interestingly, I just posted about my No Knead Pizza Dough effort just yesterday. The 5-minute pizza dough recipe will be a wonderful way to compare/contrast the two recipes.

  3. Wow, I'm the winner! Thanks! It was a great project and I'm definitely making more. Projects like this are great for me because I'm incredibly anal about making things all nice and neat. It's such fun nurturing my inner obsesso :)

  4. Speaking of tomatoes, I have the seeds for you. Had them ready to drop off with your man today, but he wasn't in.

    5 minute pizza dough, huh? I may just add that to my bread-making skills. It'll look great on my resume.

  5. I love this months choices. I have been eying those same coasters all week on the blogosphere! Pizza dough is a cinch for me but I would love to know how to do it in 5 minutes!

  6. Where did February go? And now we lose an hour this weekend? BOOO. But congratulations to nutsy, her bowl is fantastic!

    I will be making the pizza dough, not only because I just bought a pizza stone, but because I like eating. Yum.

  7. Yay! I made coasters! (Photos sent to Flickr group.) They were hard for my OCD self to do because the lines weren't straight, but I still think they came out cute. Plus, I got all special with em' and used different colors for the bobbin and main thread. WOOOOO


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