Sunday, February 04, 2018

I swear somewhere else now and you can, too.

Hi. Yes I have been sucking at posting to this blog.

I moved to the country and started working on a farm and - SHOCKER -  I spend less time with a computer.

But I DO spend a lot of time with the cell phone.

And I do still take photos of plants and Jada and the farm and Bubba with chainsaws and me being stung by angry stinging insects..

Plus all that other stuff you've come to know me for and about which we all used to chat enjoyably over our respective beverages from different points on the maps.

Let's do that some more, but just over at Instagram where I post the photos and the swears now.

I may make it back to the blog here and there, but dudes - I'm just going into my first season where I've done the whole crop plan for 1.25MM square feet of greenhouse and I'm going to be photoing the whole fucking lot of it and that'll be over there where it's fast and I can get back to anxious breakdowns between farm catastrophes/thrills.

OK - speaking of catastrophes/thrills - I'm going to go shing the hill now because LO spring is here a lot of months earlier than last year and the weeds are really something.



  1. Oh the fucking weeds. We took down a huge bush to a manageable size today but then we found all the weeds hiding. Fucking weeds. I hate weeding. I have a permanent injury from weeding.

    With that said, the warmer weather around here is trying to entice me into dyeing yarn again. I might have to.

  2. I'm not on Instagram, but hooray that you made your account public so I can creep on you from afar and never leave a comment. Fun. See you there!

  3. I'd do Instagram just for you, boo. BUT... we know how much I'm there already so now I feel kind of dirty.


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