The Finny Farm

Did you get some of my tomato (or cucumber, pepper or basil) plants this year?

Yeah yah did.

Well, here's some stuff to do with them besides grow them, eat them and bask in their glory.

Share your photos

I'm looking for new photos for next year's plant tags, so add your photos (and the variety, I'm not an effing tomato whisperer, people) and I'll announce the winners in the fall. Show off, already!

Comment on your tomatoes

Check out my Pinterest board for all of the varieties I grew this year, add your comments and yammer with other people growing the same varieties.

See your plant's history and all of its growing details

Want to know when your seeds were sown, grew their seed leaves, were potted up? This is the place. You can also see all of your variety's growing details and lots of other fun information on myFolia.

If you open your own myFolia account (it's free), you can track your plants' growing details, too. Also, we can be gardening buddies, which - oh the nerdy cuteness.

Get help

Um, why do I have only leaves and no fruit? Why are the blossoms all falling off? WHAT DO I DO WITH ALL THESE TOMATOES? I've answered questions like this plus a million more for myself and I'm more than happy to answer your questions, too. Just email me.

Put in requests for next year

If you wanted something that I didn't grow this year, I'm taking requests.

If I can find your seed this winter, I'll sow it in the spring and let you know that it'll be ready for pick up by the time our last frost passes so you can plant it in your spring 2013 garden.

If you HAVE the seed but not the desire to grow transplants in your own house like a loon, I'll start them for you.

Arrange for seed saving

If you're super nice and also generous as hell - I'd love to take a few of your end of season super ripe heirloom tomatoes (or cucumbers or peppers or...) to save seed for next year's crops.

Remember - I can only save heirloom seeds (hybrid seeds, while still good, won't produce the same plants next year), so any plant marked as hybrid is a 2012 only kinda thing.

Just shoot me an email and let me know what you've got (even if it's something we didn't grow this year) and we'll plan a rendezvous.

Get nerdy with the gardening

If this page isn't enough, there's WAY more nerdiness to be had. Read my gardening posts on this blog,  follow my organic gardening articles for, follow me on Twitter (though, not always about gardening) and check out my gardening boards on Pinterest.

Be my blog buddy!

Have a blog where you post updates about your garden? Yeah, I want to know about it. So I can cyber stalk you. Which I openly admit, so that makes it not-scary.  Shoot me an email with your blog URL and I'll follow you.
Subscribe to The Finny Farmers' blog feed (just paste this URL in your Reader's "subscribe" field) to see how these plants are faring in the wild. Que exotic.

Make good use of all that produce

If I catch you wasting produce I will spank you with my car. So don't do it! Instead, try out some new recipes, try preserving your harvests by canning or freezing or give it to people who need it.  If none of that works - compost it.

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