Monday, March 23, 2009


I have discovered a new enjoyable training tactic. One that gives me something to live for as I'm working through my Supah Techinical Training schedule that likes to tell me to run the same long run milage for a month and then just keep increasing it by a mile every month until Race Day arrives.

Hi, boring.

I also realize that this tactic may not be a *new* tactic as much as it is just *new to me*. Which is good enough - I mean, what do I care if it's not new to other people since I'm not other people.

You know what I'm saying.


The new enjoyable training tactic I've come upon is this: Feel like a rockstar by running a short race during a long training month.

Like, once you've reached a decent distance in your race training, say - your long runs are longer than six miles, sign up for a race that's shorter than your longest training distance, like a 10K.

It makes you feel like a super hero AND the race isn't super I'm Going To Die hard AND you can have a nice break in the midst of your Supah Technical Training under the guise of "Racing".

Example: Right now, I'm in my Month of Nines, meaning my long runs are nine miles for the month of March, and I ran the Mermaid 10K yesterday, which was a paltry 6.4 miles.

Wait? Did I say 6.4?

I thought a 10K was 6.2 miles?

Yes. Yes, it is.

Too bad the Mermaid crew tacked on an extra .2 for good measure at the end there. According to the announcer woman who was wearing a Halloween costume mermaid skirt thing and yelling into the mic, anyway.

WHOOPSY, people.

Anyway, whatever. I'm over it.

This was before the race when it wasn't raining but was, indeed, quite cold. As evidenced by Bubba in a hood. This is rare.

But, I'll tell you what, this was a nice little run. A run that made the idea of doing nine next weekend and 10 the following four weekends seem less mind-numbing.

The will to go on - that's what I need in the middle of half-marathon training, ya'll. I'm a simple person with simple needs.

So, good times - I got to take a break from my nine milers in a way that didn't make me feel guilty about only running six, the weather didn't turn out shitty like we were expecting. I smiled. I sang along with my iPod (of course I did not actually sing out loud. Don't be crazy.) and even smiled for the race photographer who undoubtedly took a horrible picture of me which I will not be sharing with you all. Apologies.

This is the race photographer's photo. Look at how it is not as horrible as I imagined. That is why I'm sharing it with you.

Also to prove to you that I was indeed smiling while running. An act that might suggest that fun was being had. Also, notice how none of those ladies are wearing American flag shorts. Those ladies were just passed. BY ME.

Right before this, I was singing along to California On My Mind by Wild Light.
Which, given the lyrics, is pretty ironic.

Also, nice tights, douchebag.

I had fun?


Best part was that I was officially in the single digits with my pace! 9.55 to be exact. YES. Yes, that is how I like it. YES!


And not to be a prissy little bitch or anything, but after some of my previous experiences of being dusted by 70 year olds in American flag shorts, I feel that it's important to tell you that I passed people.

Yes, like, I ran past them because I was going faster than they were. And *they* weren't even 70 year olds in American flag shorts. They were, like, fit women in normal gear running at respectable paces and in no apparent physiological despair. AMAZING!

Perhaps the tights aren't the worst thing to happen to my running career.

They may, however, be the worst thing to happen to my fashion career. If I had one of those. Which I don't.

Oh, also, I took 6 minutes off my last official 10K time, which isn't too shabby and makes me feel like all that speedwork torture was a good idea instead of a creative new way to punish myself.

Ok, so it's not the Inaugural Seattle Rock N Roll Half or Full Marathon, but if you're finding it hard to summon the enthusiasm to get out and do your long runs, maybe swap a 10K in for one of your long runs and feel like a hero for the day.

Or do a 5K and REALLY kick some ass.

Right now I'm thinking of a particular 5K notorious for its abundance of American flag shorts-wearers and how they deserve a good dusting from someone in proper shorts.

*Technically, I broke the 1 hour mark on this run, if you use my actual pace (9.55m/m) and multiply it by what the race distance SHOULD have been (6.2) because then I would have done this 10K in 00:59:21. Which would have been great to have as a final time, but NO. Instead I ran an additional .2 miles and have an extra 00:01:37 all to myself. Yay.


  1. Under an hour? Damn. You're tearin' it up. And you got to eat race fries too, right?

    Oh, and nothing was wrong with Mia. Clumsy just sprained her ankle or something.

    P.S. Bubba looks very gangsta in his hood.

  2. I am so impressed with you and Kelli with the running/training programs you pursue. My running involves merely jaunts to the nearest bathroom which is about all my knees can tolerate. Anyway, I just have to tell you that IF I was a runner, then I'd absolutely have to join the mermaid group you linked to as I adore all things mermaid.

  3. You so totally kick ass. Serious running no American shorts in sight ass. Big time serious ass. You go, stud girl. I live vicariously through your fitness as I sit lazily around and contemplate a brownie.

  4. I want to run a 5k in June but right now the most running I do is about 3/4 of a block with my dog. A dachshund. With 2 inch legs. So really, how fast am I running?

  5. Does it count that I ran to Half Moon Bay from Pacifica to join an in progress meeting tonight?

    I used my truck to run down there though, I think that might make it not count. I don't run...unless I am being chased.
    You rock! I could not do what you are doing! (Besides if I did, I would almost qualify to wear those American flag shorts...not quite, but close)

  6. You rock, girl!!! Way to go! I am way impressed. (And I'll just forget about my miserable 5K.)

    Were there really that many people in the race???? There were like 141-142 in mine. And I think some of them did the 1-mile.

    I'm very proud of you and your time.

  7. You're killing my couch potato arse with all this running talk Finny! That first picture looks like all the Scottish troops lined up on the battlefield in Braveheart. I REALLY hope you saw Mel!

  8. you are too cute in your running tights! And I love the name of that race. WOO HOO for long, non-boring runs.

  9. Looking Good!

    I've got a 5K coming up May 9. I'm scared to death. It's my first race.

  10. Kris - You know I had race fries. And that was after Bubba took me out for German breakfast after the race. Because, despite my racing like a fiend, I still eat like a wild animal.

    Glad to hear that Ms. Clumsy is OK. Sometimes Jada does stupid crap like leap off the porch and dive into the grass and then comes up limping and I have to wonder. Is she just doing this for the attention? She looks so sad! And gimpy. I have to love on her either way since she's such a trooper otherwise.

    Bubba looked even more gangsta when he was off flying his kite with the hood on. You know. Because that's what all gangstas do. They fly rainbow colored kites while their wives run around the baylands.

    Junie - They were in costumes and everything! You would have loved it!

    Decca - Might I contemplate a brownie? I like brownies. More than I like running tights, that's for sure. Thanks :)

    Eliz - From my POV, any running IS running. Even if it's just a block and you're running with a hot dog. You can totally do a 5k. Just work up to it slowly and diligently and you'll be there!

    Claudia - I'm not sure they'll let you onto a race course in your truck, but you could try. I didn't realize you were so close. I've probably crossed paths with you on my trips out to HMB. Fun!

    Lera - There were 1000 gals at the Mermaid run. The fact that this was an all-women's race didn't occur to me until I picked up my packet on Saturday and there was a strange lack of dudes. Oh. Mermaid. Women. Got it. Sometimes I'm slow.

    Anna - No Mel, but Bubba looked cute in his hood. It was very green out there though - beautiful weather!

    Kell - I had to wear them this morning, too! It was in the 30s! That's not right at all.

    OneDroppedStitch - Don't be afraid! Are you training? How is it going? What race are you running? I have a lot of questions today, apparently.

  11. You DEFINETLY finished in less than an hour... and don't let a women wearing a mermaid costume tell you otherwise.

    You rock, my dear!

  12. Congras! You are super cool and fast. And, I can't wait to officially lock eyeballs with you on April Fools Day! ha! Shit, it'll be grand.


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