Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Someone bang my queen, already.

So, I started to write this in my ill-kept beekeeping journal and then, when I wasn't even making a move toward said journal and instead trying to convince myself that I'd remember - one day a month from now or whatever - I realized that HEY I have a blog where I sometimes write things!

So I'll blog my beekeeping journal entry this time.

Because that's a thing that people do, right?


I checked the bees today.

And, like every other hive check in my checkered history with beekeeping, it was not all easy like the books say.

Firstly, there wasn't any sign of newly laid eggs. Which means no queen. Which means FUCK ME WHY IS THIS SO HARD?

Secondly, there was sign of healthy larvae and capped brood (babies). Which means there was a queen about a week ago. Which means OK NOW WHAT?

But then thirdly happened.

I heard piping!

This so-called "piping" is the virgin queen's little cry for boning.

I couldn't spot her in the hive even though I looked at all of the frames because it was so muther effing hot that I had sweat drenching my eyeballs and whole face, but I heard her the whole time I was checking the hive, so I know she's in there.

All, "eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" and shit.

She and, like, two or three other queen cells stuck on the sides of the frames.

Which I tried to take pictures of but couldn't because my phone was all, "No. I think I'll just not respond to your demands right now and just randomly shut down while you're trying desperately to take a picture of this unique moment. But don't worry because later on, when you're just trying to unlock me or something, I'll take a really unflattering picture up your nose or of your crotch."

The phone is being a problem right now.

Anyway! The hive check today was kind of a disaster, in that I don't have an actively laying queen at the moment, but also kind of not a disaster because I apparently have a virgin queen who will hopefully mate soon with one of the MONSTROUSLY HUGE drones roaming around all uselessly eating the worker bees' honey and then go around killing the other queens in their cells like a total bitch.

Other random notes that are more for me than you, sorry:

  • The medium honey super had drawn comb on most of the 10 frames, though none were full and very little was capped yet. Pretty normal.
  • The brood pattern in the brood box was good - honey and pollen socked away around a center of capped and uncapped brood.
  • Some drone brood was present in the brood box, which is good since someone's going to have to bang this new queen soon.
  • The bees were super mellow as always, not really responding to the smoker or getting riled up or anything.
  • It was hot as shit out there and I do not enjoy sweat in my eyes.
  • No pests were present in or around the hive and there was only 1 hive beetle floating around in the beetle jail and I left him there as a warning to any brethren that may wander through thinking this is a good place to make a home WHICH IT IS NOT.
  • I broke open a few of the drone cells I scraped off the bottom of the frames and didn't see any signs of mites.
  • I think the diatomaceous earth I used around the hive is keeping the ants and beetles at bay.
  • There were a few huge drones hanging out in the brood box

And, yeah - that's it. Checked the hive, found it to be not working as expected which I totally expected, but at least it's not full of wax moth or mites or beetles as I'd imagined and hopefully I'll have a mated laying queen soon and not an empty hive resulting from a swarm.

Let's all say that loudly for the universe to hear, OK? NO SWARMING. Just bang your new queen and let's get back to business.

OK, then.


  1. Oh she sounds sad when she's piping! :-(

    Like she's yeeeeeearning....and oh so horny! I think this is the literal translation:

    1. Oh, you are baaaaaaaaad! Also, I remember that song. It still makes me gag. And not in the sexy way that the song might imply ;)

    2. Is this better? (Man, I LOVED this song in the 90s!)

    3. You're going to laugh, but I've *NEVER* heard that song before. I do, however, love it way more than 2 Live Crew. Now. Back in the 90s though, I loved them. Because I was a horrible teenager.

    4. It's a great song to get stuck in your head.


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