Thursday, August 26, 2010

Should Be A National Holiday ALERT!

In case you don't have it marked on your calendars for some reason (SHAME), my birthday is this weekend and you know that means I'm about thisclose to blowing town.

This year, we're heading off into the granite and creeks and forests of Yosemite, wherein I plan to drink gin from a backpacking flask ("backpacking" in that it's small and lightweight, though adding a fifth of gin to it sort of ruins the lightweightness of it, but...), sleep under the stars in my new bivy bag (last year's birthday gift from Bubba), swim in the creek, fly fish on the lake and eat dehydrated chili mac from the Backpacker's Pantry of Hell.

Then I will come home and eat every leafy green in our house, ifyaknowwhatImean. Mmhhmm. You know.

I'll also be hiking as fast as my little legs can carry me to burn off the Giant Birthday Cupcake provided by my hysterical coworkers. These freaks are pretty awesome. In the margaritas for lunch and off-color jokes taped up all over my office and giant cupcake ways of awesomeness.

And, yes, that is a beehive honey pot birthday pressie. Cute, guys.
Then I hope to come back here and tell you all about how I got my fill of summer creek swimming and starry night watching and how I caught a million trout but had to throw them all back because it's catch and release only.

Thankfully that leaves me room


  1. Happy fishing! And happy birthday, too, of course.

  2. WHAT?! Why was this not announced any earlier?! I feel all this pressure! I can't take the pressure with no notice!!

    :) Happy Birthday to one of my favorite whores. I *might* eat a vegetable for you this weekend. A fresh one even. ;)

  3. Hope you have a happy birthday hiking, fishing and telling us all a very tall tale when you get back!

  4. WooHoo! Happy Birthday Finny -- I hope you have a fabulous weekend!

  5. Happy Backpackingflyfishincreekwadingsleepingunderthestarsinabivybagwalkingoffthegiantcupcakecalorieschilimacingg&tdrinkingbirthday!

  6. Enjoy your trip. Go with the knowledge that your best tomato sauce ever yep has made it to our house and we will be forever grateful. You did not exaggerate in any way in describing its rich perfection.
    Happy Happy Birthday

  7. Happy, happy Finny! Hope you enjoy your National Holiday and I'll be sure to raise a glass of G&T in your honor. Cheers!

  8. While I bask in the blissful ignorance of not knowing what a bivy bag is. Hope you had a great day, you deserve it.


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