Friday, November 03, 2006

Officially winter

I've come to the conclusion that summer *may* be over.

Me: Bubba, can we please turn on the heater?

Bubba: Really? You're cold?

Me: No, I'm buried under all these layers of clothes because I think it makes me look skinny.

Bubba: Oh. Maybe tomorrow. We're going to bed soon anyway.

Me: Dude. It's 8. I'll die of frostbite before we ever make it to bed.

Bubba: *Sad face* Tomorrow night. I promise.

Me: *Pout* I'm pouting over here, but you can't see me because my face is obscured by ALL THESE CLOTHES.

I was seen on the couch Wednesday night wearing no less than my slippers, leg warmers, jeans, long grey "Old Librarian" sweater, Bubba's Royals Santa hat and fingerless gloves. All tucked shiveringly underneath my poofy red blanket. Which was pulled up over my nose.

I get a touch dramatic when I'm cold. More so when I know the solution to my problems lies only a few feet away and a swift turn of the heater key (our house is mucho old) to the left. But, for some reason, I need agreement from Bubba that we should, indeed, turn on the heater and start the irreversible season we call Winter. I guess I could get up and walk over to the heater and turn it on myself, but then it will turn 80 degrees outside overnight and I'll feel like a retard with no one to blame but my own self. At least if we both agree to turn it on and a heat wave rolls through town, we can both quietly ignore the fact that jumped the gun and tried to start winter early. Idiots!

This is a big issue for me because it means a lot of things that I really like are about to officially change for a bunch of long months. Things like wearing slippers instead of flip flops, the aforementioned not-hot librarian sweater instead of tank tops and fingerless gloves at all times. And I'll have to come up with some new reasons why we have to keep the cotton sheets on the bed instead of getting flannel ones. (I LOATHE flannel sheets. They are gnarly and remind me of dirty sleeping bags.)

So, I try to wait out the Turning On of the Heater for as long as possible to avoid the inevitable changing of the seasons. This year I barely made it out of October before my pitiful bleating began.

Finally there was agreement on heater status and, I am not lying, the second we fired that bitch up, it started to rain. And it's been raining ever since.

So, it's raining. And it appears to be winterish. And to console myself and heat up the house at the same time, I'm baking. I made sweet potato pie. I baked some random snicker doodle cookie dough that was languishing in our freezer. I have two soup recipes ready to roll. I'm currently drinking tea by the pot. I thawed dough and baked bread. There are remnant pie crusts waiting to be filled with whatever makes itself available.

And someone will have to come in springtime and extract me from my house with a flatbed truck. Hooray for winters gluttony.


  1. You're too funny. We just caved and turned on the heater two days ago. I have finally de-thawed, I am human again...My issue was the dust, I swear each season we turn that puppy on, I get sick during the fist few days....

    Mmmmmmm.pie....I have just committed to start pies for me. Funny I think I sabotage myself during the holidays for some masichistic reason...


  2. Funny coincidence, we just turned on the heater yesterday too. Your post makes it sound like such an irreversible thing! Is it a special heating system?

    And, all the baking talk? Stop it! Can you send me some snicker doodles? They are my AAABSOLUTE favorite.

  3. Hmmm, I was in Napa last week and the weather was gorgeous and I come home to six inches of snow. I think our relative definitions of cold are miles apart, but I also sleep with a window open in the winter so I'm weird anyway.

  4. Did someone say cold?? It's been nice and warm here in North Dakota. In the 50's! How exciting is that?! We've had our heater on for the last month and the fireplace has been on a couple of times too. The cold hasn't even begun to rear it's ugly head...come on up to ND, I'll show you cold!!
    Got my book yesterday! I'm going to start reading it tomorrow. Enjoy your Sunday!

  5. We don't even have a heater. But we don't have that kind of cold you have. I can't handle that kind of cold. Someday I may move out of Southern California...but not sure I could ever fathom winter. I visited a friend in Montana once, way up by the Canadian border, and it took me a week to acclimate. They had to wrap my feet in blankets. My God. Their pipes froze and everything. As far as sheets go, have you ever tried tee-shirt sheets? Those rock. Not extra warm like flannel though. But great for the rest of the year. I never really thought about the sleeping bag thing before--it definitely adds an eewww element to those.

  6. Hey Jessica,
    Long time no hear. Hope all is well. Yes...the heater has been on in our place for a few weeks now. Seattle has been rainy and cold lately and it's hard to get use to. No matter... Jason and I are off to Puerto Vallarta next weekend. 85 and f'n sunny my friend!

  7. Steph- Funny you say that. We turned the heater on and now we both have sore throats. Grrrr... Better than being cold?

    Shelley- No, not irreversible, just significant since we're accepting that Winter is here. BTW: I am busy drinking ALL the tea you gave me. It's deelish. Oh, and I bet if you put the ingredients in the fridge and suggest it slyly, Ale might make you a batch of snickerdoodles.;)

    Steven- My problem with cold is being cold when I feel like I shouldn't HAVE to be cold. Like when I'm in my house in front of the TV. That is not a cold weather activity. When I'm snowboarding or camping, etc - I'm fine. I layer up and I'm AOK. Because those are both cold weather activities. Hubby, however, is a man-furnace and could sleep every night, even in the dead of winter, with the window open.

    E&I-When you guys get snow, put up pictures! My thought is, if it's going to be cold, it should be snowing. Enjoy the book! I'm halfway through so far.

    Barb-I have passed the t-shirt sheets and wondered what they'd be like. Maybe an option. Although I get the sneaking suspicion that hubby is winding up for his "When are the flannel sheets going on the bed?" interrogation.

    Mike-DUDE! Long time! I know! I'm sure you guys flipped on that heater, Seattle's been chilly. What's the occasion for Puerto Vallarta? Where are you staying? I'll email you so we can catch up.


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