Tuesday, June 02, 2009

This is why I'm a grown-up.

When I was a kid I used to say that when I was a grown-up, I'd go out to lunch every day. Because going to Jack in the Box with my mom when we were out running errands was THE highlight of my life.

Don't judge me for my fast food ways. There is something cute about a mom pushing a french fry through her daughter's missing tooth hole. There is. Trust me.

Anyway, while I haven't indulged the Going to Jack in the Box Everyday privilege of being a grown-up (because I'm more of an In-N-Out girl now and there's not one close by. Thankfully.) I do sometimes make other childhood-influenced choices.

Like having ice cream in the middle of the day for no good reason other than because I made some.

From fresh cherries picked at my house and my neighbor's.

My house's cherries. Small but delicious.

My neighbor's cherries. ENORMO and also delicious.

Oh yes, friends, it's Cherry Season at Finny's again, and more importantly the beginning of Pie Season. Because the farmshare brings us strawberries every week so we have ice cream and pie and the cherry tree across the street (and now in our yard WOO) are heavy with fruit so we have ice cream and cobbler and also pie and then in no time the blackberry bushes at my folks' will be covered in berries so we'll have cobbler and muffins and blackberry pie.

We like pie here, have I told you?

Anyway, despite our love for pie, the first thing I made with our windfall of cherries was ice cream. Cherry Vanilla Chip ice cream, to be specific.

And I will say that it is quite good. In that, "I am aware that the deliciousness I'm experiencing is the direct result of eating a dish created solely from cream, sugar, vanilla, cherries and chocolate."

I mean, duh. Obviously it's going to be good. Those are all good things that do bad things to my ass. Whatever.

But, in my defense, I did move 2 cubic yards of dirt by shovel and wheel barrow this morning after ripping out half our lawn, so I feel as though I'm cleared for takeoff in the calorie way.

The fact that I have this month's Craft: along recipe for Carrot Cake Cookies on my kitchen counter next to Farmgirl's Lemon Coconut Quick Bread recipe and I'm also at this moment crockpotting some pulled pork for these tacos for dinner IS NOT IMPORTANT EITHER because, well, all the ingredients to make these things are available and fresh and local and ready to make Bubba smile which means that they have zero calories for me because they're offset by my good-doing. And lawn-ripping. And dirt moving. And any other reason I can think of to justify my sinful dietary ways.


If you find yourself standing under a very full cherry tree OR if your neighbor was kind enough to lend you his orchard ladder (thanks, Rick!) so that you could get the really good dark BIG cherries from the top of the tree, and you also have an ice cream maker - you could make some ice cream, too. And then sit in your backyard like a Lady of Leisure and watch your dog chase squirrels out of your garden while you eat your midday ice cream.

Or whatever. You could do something else, I suppose.

Cherry Vanilla Chip Ice Cream
Adapted from Cuisinart's recipe booklet for Strawberry Ice Cream
My changes in BOLD

1 pint of fresh cherries - pitted, halved
3 T fresh Meyer lemon juice
1 cup of sugar, divided
1 cup of whole milk
2 cups of heavy cream
1 t vanilla extract
1/2 cup chocolate chips

To make

I say that in such a way that you should automatically assume that I did NOT freeze the bucket for 24 full hours and so ended up having to freeze it overnight before I could have some ice cream waaaaaaaaaa. But you know me by now and so I'm sure you didn't need this little explanation. Sorry.

In a small bowl, combine the cherries with the lemon juice and 1/3 cup of sugar. Stir it up and let it sit for a couple hours so it can get all juicy and shiny and irresistible looking. This process is called macerating which, to me, sounds like something naughty and violent combined. Fun.


The big one on the left is HALF of one of my neighbor's cherries while a WHOLE one of mine is on the right. Someday...

While your cherries are doing naughtiness, whisk the milk and the rest of the sugar until it's dissolved. Then add in your heavy cream and some of the juiciness from your naughty cherries.

Turn on the power to your ice cream maker (which means the supah frozen bucket is on there and the mixer deal is inside and the dome lid is on) and pour this mixture BUT NOT THE CHERRIES YET through the spout on top.

Let it churn around in there for a good 30 minutes before pouring your naughty cherries in. And, right before you throw in the cherries, toss in the chocolate chips.

And, not that you'd want to, but if you wanted something super "Cherry" looking, you could add food coloring, but I find that to be an affront to nature and will not have it in my house.

Instead, we have the pale-ish ice cream with the dark red cherries and the world continues to spin on its axis. Without any artificial colors. Lovely.

If, for some reason, you get to the end of this recipe and your ice cream is, say, the consistency of soup, cover the bowl with some plastic wrap and tuck it between some big frozen slabs of beef (or equivalent) in your freezer. I've heard it also helps if you stack a frozen pie crust, a bag of frozen pulled pork and a sack of frozen coffee beans on top, too.


You know.

Anyway, once you're actually ready to scoop yourself some Cherry Vanilla Chip loveliness, I recommend going out to your backyard and sitting in the sunshine where you can see your garden making beans and your dog losing her mind over a shitstarting squirrel.


  1. I think you should bake a cherry clafoutis. And then feed me some of it.

  2. well that looks delicious. you should've put some alcohol on those cherries! John bought me an ice cream maker for my birthday and we've been making ice cream at least 2 times a week. You're lucky to have all those cherries! Around here, all the Cherry trees are ornamental, so no free fruit for us!

  3. You're getting cherries off your tree already? AWESOME. Though I prefer my cherries straight and my ice cream free of fruit.

    Also awesome? Your bean teepee in that photo. Damn. I think jack may be showing up at your house any day now.

  4. Wow! All that and Cherry Vanilla Chip Ice Cream too! Looks good! I don't a Cherry Tree would even bloom over here in the fog. I will have to resort to grocery store cherries...or better yet farmer's market cherries.

  5. that is ...I don't *think* a cherry tree.....

  6. Sweet mother moses, that looks absolutely amazing!

  7. Glad to see you're still doing your sabbatical justice. Good for you. Leave it to us overachievers to overachieve when it comes to leisure and indulgence, right!?! Cherries are so massively expensive at the grocery store, it's awesome you get them from nature (right, so THAT'S where they come from....I had almost forgotten!)

  8. Thank you so much for sharing your ice cream recipes! I am pretty much phobic about raw eggs, and almost every recipe I can find calls for them. It's pretty sweet that yours are both raw egg-free. Nice! I am putting my canister in the freezer now.

  9. That ice cream looks so good...I will be making it soon! I had to giggle at the beginning of the post because I used to work in a special ed. classroom and one of our students was obsessed with root beer, and everyday he was so upset with me because I would drink V8 for lunch, and I could be drinking root beer... "what is the point of being an adult if you don't drink root beer everyday? you know you can drink whatever you want right?" he would say...so funny...

  10. Holy moly that ice cream would do me some wonders right this minute. I am eating instant vanilla pudding and, well, it doesn't do it. Love:
    1. You are incredibly productive and fun on your sabbatical and I think you should take them more often.
    2. That picture of you in the sun with your sweet dog freaking out of a squirrel with your bowl of bliss. It made me smile.

  11. elkit - Even if it's just so that I could say I made something called a "clafoutis".

    And, from the Tartine bakery no less. POSH.

    Katie - Booze in my ice cream? OK. Twist my arm. ;) We ARE lucky - those trees are amazing! And, ahem, cherries are $6.99/lb at Whole Foods. I looked yesterday and was, like, WTF!? Seriously, $6.99/lb?

    Kris - Frankly, I do too - on the ice cream thing - but Bubba loves cherry ice cream, so I make it. Next on the cherry docket - cherry cobbler. THAT I like ;)

    The beans are insane.

    Claudia - That will make me feel better when I spend the rest of my life being jealous that you live at the beach. At least I'll have my cherries...

    Africankelli - IT IS. Was?

    Shelley - Yes! Thanks, Nature! I do believe I was meant to be a Lady of Leisure.

    Alevin - EW! Raw eggs in ice cream! I get you. Eggs freak me out, too. Imagine my horror the first time I made lemon curd...did you know the thing that makes all the lemon desserts yellow is not lemon but EGG? Yew.

    Sarah - HA!! That's awesome! I like that kid's style. You should bring in rootbeer one day just so he can see how fun it is to be a grown-up.

    Dig - I totally agree with you. This sabbatical thing totally agrees with me. And, frankly, it agrees with the dog, because otherwise she'd be inside staring down the squirrels from across the yard and that's way less effective. ;)

  12. I seriously hate you.

    But that's what you were going for with all that BRAGGING, right?

  13. Looks so good we are making some right now!


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