Friday, June 01, 2007

InStitches: June

Dear Donk,

I know you're off saving the world, but running the InStitches~along without you sucks the bag. Thankfully there are enough G&Ts in my fridge to get me through until your return and I get to read your Posts from the Dark Continent so that I know that you are safe, improving the world around you and also bringing the wheel to Moz. That's a good lass.

Plus, there are plenty of projects on the cutting table to keep me busy. Not the least of which is our June InStitches project which I get to pick - muhuahahahahahaha!

My inspiration for this month's project comes from me mum. She was over for Mother's Day dindin after our tea and shopping bonanza when I let her loose to set the table.


Here's the thing - we have only one set of matching napkins and placemats. Otherwise we have one kazillion white napkins, half a kazillion solid autumn color napkins, half a dozen thisnthats from random gifts and some hot Hawaiian style napkins made by my mum herself. And to match? Why not a GDF thing.

So, the options when setting our table are: use the one set of matchy matchy napkins/placemats OR eat at the coffee table where you'll only need a napkin and a shovel.

Unless you're my mom. In which case you pair the Hawaiian style napkins with the purple placemats (I'm still not sure where these gems came from) and create the aforementioned FRIGHT.

Thus inspiring me to coin this month's project: Placemats and Napkins.

I'm not sure how you all feel about seeing your table awash in mismatched linens, but for me it is just short of stroke-inducing. This is because I am a low-grade control freak and slightly insane about stupid little things.

So we will fix all that this month by creating the most luscious aesthetically pleasing placemats and napkins to enhance our collective dining experiences. Then we will set our tables in the most drool-worthy, make Martha so jealous she pees her perfect pants kind of way and post our photos to prove it.

In case you didn't catch it, there went the theme: Dining Room Dress-Up.

It's a little like "Project in Action", except there needn't be anything going on in your photo but a sexy table set to stun. If all goes as planned, the Purple vs Hawaiian Floral grudge match emblazoned on my retina will be erased before June comes to a close and we'll all dine a little easier. For this I thank all of you.

And to close May on a high note, I'd also like to declare May's fancy winner: Thistledew! I mean, come on, she made a fabulous summery apron and then JUGGLED WATERMELONS. "In Action" is an understatement . Ms. Thistle - please shoot me an email to finnyknits AT gmail DOT com with your address and I'll send you a prize worthy of your skillfulness.

Ok, Donk - I hope I'm covering all my bases here while you're away. Sometimes I can't be left unsupervised. That's how we end up watching surveillance videos in the basement and charging admission to the neighborhood kids.

Continue traveling safely and sharing your smile and big heart with everyone you meet.

Love and misses,


  1. Oh Finny, thanks for this project. I've been kinda in a sewing slump lately, and this seems quick and easy. And I agree, I can't believe that thistledew juggled watermelons. Amazing! I can't even juggle ... well anything.

  2. I'm so excited about this project. I think you and I have a very similar linen closet. I NEED new placemats and matching napkins... :)

  3. Sing it, Sister! This is perfect, because I'm currently annoyed with our own dining situation. I only have pairs of napkins, so there better not be one more for dinner, and none of them match the placemats. Let's not talk about the runner situation (or the fact that I consider it a "situation".) Well done, Finn!

  4. Ooh - good project - I need something for our table outside that we can use all summer, because it's going to stop raining any minute now... any minute...just one more...well, soon I'm sure.

  5. First visit ... nice blogging !

  6. Oh, I am so happy for Thistledew--she's awesome and the watermelon juggling is amazing. Congratulations to her for her wonderful apron!

    The new June project is just right for all of us, I think. Perfect for summer dinners, picnics, or other eating adventures.

  7. Aw shucks, Thank you.
    As I've said before "In Stitches" has been great fun for me. I enjoy having a monthly challenge. Everyone does a wonderful job with their projects, it's such a treat to check in to see what's new.
    So thank you Finny and Donk for a wonderful journey through "In Stitches".

    Thistledew (Jan), but you guys can call me This, or Thistle, or Th, or even dew.

  8. Daang, I can barley hold a watermelon, without a look of irritation on my face.



  9. Cool! I've already made some of these placemats/napkins and I have some more fabric waiting to expand my set. Yay! And yay for juggling watermelons!

  10. I can't wait to try these. Of course right now I don't have a dining room, it's full of boxes from the basement. And all my sewing stuff is packed away. Hopefully the flood threat will clear soon and I can get everything out again.

  11. Best project selection ever! I have a bunch of these to make for summer wedding gifts. Doode! you read my mind. You are so good at this. And fabulous choice on the May winner Thistledew's energy is contagious.


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