Friday, April 07, 2006

Finny's world comes into balance

I should have realized, during my recent funk, the reason for my funkiness -- my world was plumb out of balance. As it is every year about this time. And then I should have rattled my walnut around until I remembered the one thing that restores Finny's normal levels of merriment in a situation like this, baseball.

Yes, folks, Finny has a big red heart for MLB. And nothing shifts the off-kilter pace of the world back into peaceful alignment faster than the opening of baseball season, a newly sprouting vegetable garden and sunny spring skies.

And so, I bring to you a melange of the three, for to cheer your souls from their wintery slumber:
The newly re-re-named AT&T Park.
Oh, how I adore the commercializing of our national pastime.

What we have here is a sunny spring sky in ARIZONA, not "sunny" California.
Where it has been raining pretty much steadily for the past two months. So, yes, I swiped this from
AfricanKelli's slideshow of amazing ARIZONA photos, because, well, our skies look a bit like the gates of hell right now. I'm certain that she will forgive me. Seeing as it will be one million degrees there soon and she'll be looking for evidence of anything in nature that is not scorched or on fire.
And then I will gladly hand over photos of summer in Norcal.

At either end here, we have the small BUT MIGHTY sugar snap peas. They're growing outside, they're growing inside. We should be up to full pants pooping capacity soon. (Heh? Story to follow...) In the midst of the peas, we have the ALWAYS MIGHTY Pumpkinzilla wrestling his way from the soil with swords drawn.

Who are these little fellas, you ask? So quick you are to underestimate! For shame! These are members of the 05 resurgent Pumpkin Party -- returning from their compost heap hideout to do battle with the Johnny-come-lately Pumkinzilla in their native soil. Not following me? I dug in the compost, complete with decomposed (or so it appeared) pumpkins and have ended up with ONE MILLION vivacious pumpkin seedlings all over the garden. Who knew they could withstand a full season in The Bin? They are being carefully removed and transplated into little pots for sharing with friends. Please don't tell them that I'm a Pumpkinzilla ali, they won't go nearly as quietly.

And, lest you think I've swung right off my rocker, let me close this post with some sane thoughts for the weekend.

I'll be indulging in some Finny Favorites to include (but not be limited to);
  • Sewing-first softee from the Finny Factory to come
  • Baking-will either make the tried-and-true chocolate chip cookies or the Strawberry Layer Cake from Cook's Illustrated if I can find the fruit
  • Spending some QT with one of my favorite people who I haven't seen in a punishingly long time.
  • Watching an unhealthy amount of baseball. Giants Schedule If you need me, this is where I'll be.

I am going to FINALLY get together with one of my very best friends. She doesn't have a blog, otherwise I'd link to it here. Despite her unblogginess, she is fantastically hilarious and I typically spend 80% our time together in searing side splitting pain from laughing my arse off. I wish she had a blog so that I could link you right up to her funny. In place of that, I can tell you that she has done such tear worthy stunts as implementing, "Talk like a Pirate Day" at our (super stuffy) former place of employment, spending 8 happy hours standing on a broken ankle (drunk) at a craps table and WINNING and ritualistically slapping the behinds of all the strippers at our bachelorette party. Oh yes, she is a gem, folks. I fully anticipate returning from the weekend with internal bleeding and a full set of laugh lines. I shall slather my face in cream in anticipation.

Oh, and not to leave you hanging on the whole "poop your pants" story; apparently hubby thinks he could stand at the pea fence and eat sugar snap peas until he poops his pants. That is how much he loves them. Gross? Yes. A blatant challenge? Yes.

And to all a blissful weekend.


  1. This is the posts of "yes please" from Africankelli.
    1. Yes please. Bring on the baseball.
    2. Yes please. Let's all live in Nor Cal when Arizona gets above 100 degrees.
    3. Yes please. Save those cute pumpkins from the compost. They are like vegetable refugees! They will not be beaten down!
    4. Yes please. Let's see Mr. Andy burst at capacity from pea consumption.
    5. Cheryl. Yes please. Love that girl and am proud to be one of the asses she slapped on said trip.

    Have a fab weekend Fin! Sounds like too much fun.

  2. Ohhh Finn. I get free bball tix. I will gladly hand them over as we're not huge baseball fans. Giants games tix were coming out of my ears ealier this week..

  3. We just got back from a couple games in Arlington. LOVING the baseball.

  4. Have a wonderful weekend girl! Laugh your head off!!!

  5. Finny--
    If you ever decide to come to KC again, I, too, get free tix.
    Hell, they can't give them away here.
    I'm waaaaaaaiting.


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